We know supporting an Early Access game is a risky proposition, so to thank you for supporting Midair early we’re giving away a free key to anyone who has played 10 hours of Midair between now and October 14th. Click here to participate or click here for more details.


Every couple weeks we write dev logs to keep you in the loop on what’s happening with Midair and the Archetype team.

development timeline


Check out the Midair Top User Issues board to keep tabs on development, let us know what you think, and vote for what’s most important to you. Board updated weekly.


I bought Open Beta/Closed Beta access, where’s my key?

Midair is currently in the Pre-Alpha phase, only those who have purchased Instant Access are able to play right now. For everyone else, please refer to the timetable below to figure out when you can join in the fun:

Instant Access (Pre-Alpha) — PLAY NOW

Alpha — PLAY NOW

Closed Beta — Mid-August 2017

Early Access Open Beta — October 2017

Open Beta — November 2017

Release! — December 2017

What’s the best way to give my thoughts/feedback on Midair?

The best way is for you to join our community forums and share your feedback there by either posting in the appropriate thread relating to the topic or creating your own thread if one doesn’t already exist.

Are the devs even reading our feedback on Social Media/Reddit/Forums?

Yes, we are! Our team checks them every day to see what people think of our latest additions and changes. We have an idea of what will and will not work, but it’s more important to us that it feels right for our players rather than sticking to our existing notions.

I think I can help the Archetype Studios team with Art/Code/etc., what’s the best way to reach you guys?

Send us an email to [email protected] with a breakdown of how you think you can help the team and a link to your portfolio/resume/website/etc. We’ll make sure it reaches the right team and they can review your skills and see if you would be a good fit for our team.

What are the recommended/minimum PC specs for Midair?

As we are in pre-alpha and haven’t yet started optimization, we don’t have exact specifications for what it takes to run Midair. As we get closer to release and start doing optimization passes, we’ll have more information.