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Midair Dev Log #7 – Alpha Release Date, Upcoming State of Midair, Build Preview

In Midair Dev Log #7 we announce our Alpha release date, discuss the upcoming State of Midair Alpha stream, and give a quick preview into what’s coming in Alpha 0.24.0.

Build 0.23.0 is Live!

Build 0.23.0 is live! Here are the full patch notes.

Want earlier access to Midair? Now you can upgrade!

If you’ve already backed or bought Midair and want to get earlier access to the game, now you can upgrade your purchase and pay only the difference in price!

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Midair Dev Log #6 – Sensor System, Voice Binds, and More

Build 0.23.0 is nearing completion and contains some great new features like an overhaul of our sensor system, the addition of our voice bind system, and engine upgrade, and much more.

Last chance to get the Instant Access bundle!

Midair is steadily approaching Alpha release, so we’re dropping the price of the Instant Access bundle from $140 to $99 starting February 3rd. Better hit the jets – this will be your last chance to purchase the Instant Access bundle (which includes 5 gold crates, a Progression Pass, your name in the credits, and a bunch of other goodies), because February […]


Midair Dev Log #5 – Supporter Dashboard, Build 0.23.0 Preview

In this dev log, we’re announcing our all new Supporter Dashboard with lots of widely requested information about Midair’s development, and we’re also giving you a preview into what’s coming in build 0.23.0.


Midair Dev Log #4 – Rabbit, Plasma, and Tank Patch

The 0.23.0 patch features the addition of the Rabbit gametype, the Plasma Gun, a tank, some new augments for the Kinetic and Arsenal packs, as well as some map changes and bug fixes that should help Midair run more smoothly.


Midair Dev Log #3 – Holiday Recap and What’s Around the Corner

In Dev Log #3 we recap from the holidays, add a new member to the team, and go over what to expect in the upcoming build.


Midair Dev Log #2 – Packs and Augments Patch

In Dev Log #2 we discuss the community-run Pre-Alpha Proving Grounds tournament, the new Packs and Augments system, and more!

Midair to integrate Discord-powered voice chat

Last month, we mentioned that Archetype Studios was partnering with Discord – and today we have a surprise for you! After an outpouring of support from our backers and fans, Archetype Studios is proud to announce that Midair will have seamless in-game voice chat! When it launches, Midair will have built-in VoIP chat for our players, powered […]