Official Midair TeamSpeak Server


We’ve seen a lot of interest in an official VOIP for the Midair community to congregate, discuss the game, and chat with the developers.  After taking a look at solutions were available and suit our management needs, we’ve decided to setup a TeamSpeak server at  If you are unfamiliar with TeamSpeak, check out this random tutorial we found on YouTube. Developers from the team will be idling in the Developers channel while we do our work and will drop in time to time to chat.

When you join, please take a look at the guidelines below and in the side bar when you join the server.  The gist of it is be cool to each other and us.  Folks coming in to start trouble will be warned and removed.  Also, try not to pester the devs while they’re in the Developer channel.  It likely means they’re trying to focus on work and might get cranky if they get disrupted.  🙂

TeamSpeak Guidelines
  • No griefing
  • Refrain from using edgy soundboards
  • Try not to bother developers who are idling
  • Move to AFK when you’re not around
  • Try to mute yourself when you are not at your computer (no one wants to hear your mom getting mad at you for not doing the dishes)
  • Avoid posting NSFW things in chat

Big thanks to for setting us up with this TeamSpeak server.  They have been active in the FPS-Z genre for almost a decade now and are a big supporter of Midair, so you should definitely check them out if you have any server needs.