Midair Dev Log #2 – Packs and Augments Patch

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After a minor delay due to holidays, some bug squishing, and the Pre-Alpha Proving Grounds tournament (which was a fantastic success) we’re back with our second Midair Dev Log!


We’ve expanded our team again! Robbie unfortunately needed to part ways as he had unexpected personal issues to attend to, but to replace him we’ve brought on Devlin and Jamal who are joining our team to help with our programming and coding efforts moving forward. Devlin will be focusing on gameplay features and Jamal will be focusing on integrations and other various tasks. These two are already making a big impact and you will see the results of their work in the coming months. We are always looking for more artists and coders, so if you think you can help the Midair dev team, please be sure to send us an email: [email protected].


Pre-Alpha Proving Grounds

Midair’s first community run draft tournament has officially come to a close, with Sea Turtles taking first place. We want to thank everyone who watched, participated and especially those who organized; SwordFish, TrueAspects, Gheist, MoDSec, Absolute (Kellogs), Fixious, Pumpelche, the Softlocke Productions crew: Kronic, Joneskies and Cursive, and all the captains and players. These guys worked incredibly hard to make it a great success and all of us at Archetype had a great time watching/playing.

TeamSpeak 3

As we are coming to the middle of December, we are making preparations to take down the TeamSpeak 3 server and fully transition to Discord. If you have any thoughts or feedback for how you think we can make Discord better, please drop them in this thread and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.


Our developers have buckled down to bring you patch 0.21.0, which features some highly requested bug fixes, modified and updated icons/UI changes, new maps and map tweaks, and one of our most significant additions to date: the all-new Pack & Augment System!

You can find more specifics about the full patch notes, as well as more information about the Pack & Augment System below. If you’re an Instant Access backer/supporter, this patch is available NOW on Steam.

Patch Notes – 0.21.0c

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Base Inventory no longer breaks user input in offline mode
  • Fixed – Ignitus loading issue
  • Fixed – Audio popping in a lot of scenarios where sounds get cut off
  • Fixed – Medium character not ragdolling
  • Fixed – Fighter color is now consistent when rejoining match
  • Fixed – Fighter IFF gray when rejoining, but colored previously (IFF color is based on occupancy, grey when unoccupied, and is more consistent now)
  • Fixed – Shields not flashing on base and deployable assets when taking damage


  • New – Pack & Augment System
  • New – Implemented a Temporary Ban system where banned players cannot immediately rejoin servers
  • Change – IFFs now reflect team colors rather than Enemy vs Friendly colors when spectating a player from the first person
  • New – Icons for Railgun, Mortar, Blaster, and Grenade



  • New – More LCTF variants of CTF maps added (Verdant and Tenebris)
  • New – Added LCTF-Crucible, prototype map
  • New – Added CTF-Deathbowl, a faux-TDM map
  • Updated – Exhumed changed to a night map


  • Updated – Ingonyama revisions
  • Updated – Kryosis revisions
  • Updated – DayHike revisions
  • Updated – Verdant performance optimizations
  • Removed – LCTF-GrassyLT2 and LCTF-Arch

Pack & Augment System

Our pack system was overhauled with new functionality where packs can be augmented for specific characteristics in the form of active and passive abilities in addition to their normal basic function. The following document represents the currently implemented augments but does not necessarily represent all of the augments or packs that will exist once the system is completed. We’ll be looking to you, the community for great feedback and more ideas, so try out the new system and send your feedback our way in the forums.

Selecting a pack opens up the opportunity to select a primary and secondary augment path. Augments denoted with (A) represent augments that are activated with the push of a button. Otherwise, (P) denotes passive benefits from augments.

Kinetic Pack

This pack archetype is built to affect player movement and energy.


(A) Boost – Boost forward

(P) Energy Regen – Increased Energy Regen


(P) Vertical Boost – Increases vertical thrust when taking off from ground

(P) Ground Regen – Faster energy regen on ground

(P) Weaponry – Weapons that use energy use less of it

Stealth Pack

This pack archetype is designed for players who want a stealthy option for base assault.


(A) Cloak – Renders user invisible to other players but visible to sensors and uses energy while activated

(A) Sensor Jam – Makes player invisible to sensors and uses energy while activated


(P) Buddy System – Extends active effect in a bubble around the player that affects teammates

(P) Patience – Decreases rate of active energy usage

Arsenal Pack

This pack archetype is designed to enhance player firepower and sustainability.


(A) Resupply – Resupply 25% of missing ammo pool with 30 second cooldown


(P) Reload – Increased reload speed

(P) Resupply 2 – If “Resupply” checked, then give unlimited ammo without cooldowns and this disables the active effect of “Resupply”

Aegis Pack

This pack archetype is intended to give players a way to support the team and base in various ways.


(A) Shield – Creates a shield around the player that reduces damage by consuming energy instead of health as long as energy is available


(P) Buddy System – Temporarily applies a small shield to allies in the area

Repair Pack

This pack archetype is intended to give players a way to repair assets and heal teammates.


(A) Repair Tool – Fired like a weapon when equipped, consumes energy to repair assets or teammates in a short range


(P) Ground Regen – Faster energy regen on ground


That’s all for this dev log! Next time we’ll go over our priorities and some progress notes on the next patch.

Midair to integrate Discord-powered voice chat

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Last month, we mentioned that Archetype Studios was partnering with Discord – and today we have a surprise for you! After an outpouring of support from our backers and fans, Archetype Studios is proud to announce that Midair will have seamless in-game voice chat!

When it launches, Midair will have built-in VoIP chat for our players, powered by Discord. Discord currently provides voice chat and community features for 25 million gamers, peaking at 2.3 million simultaneous users, all sending more than 100 million messages a day. This past week, Discord announced its Gamebridge SDK that lets developers build Discord functionality right into their games, and Archetype Studios is one of the first partners for this tech, among many other big names you might recognize.

This is a huge win for Midair players. Now, we can tightly integrate features like team voice chat into the game, where Red team and Blue team each get their own automatically created channels for a match. This is a feature that we initially couldn’t commit to during our Kickstarter, but one that we are now really excited to finally be able to deliver. What other things can Discord integration do for Midair? Stay tuned – the full list of Discord-powered features that will make it into the game is still being finalized.

Coordinating a pick-up game? Debating CTF strategies? Want to get players’ unfiltered thoughts on the latest backers-exclusive Instant Access build? Join the Midair community in the Official Midair Discord at discord.gg/playmidair – and we’ll see you in Midair!

Midair Pre-Alpha Proving Grounds is Upon Us!

The stage has been set, the teams picked and the rules determined. We’re all itching to see who is crowned the victor. You can catch all the action live this Sunday (Dec. 11) at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST/6 p.m. GMT over on our Twitch Channel – and be sure to jump into spectator chat with other viewers on the Official Midair Discord for some lively tournament discussion!


The match-up schedule can be found here and if you missed out on seeing who got picked, you can find the current team rosters below. Make sure you tune in, this is an event you won’t want to miss!



Edited 12/11 to reflect updated team rosters