Build 0.23.0 is Live!

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As the title suggests, build 0.23.0 is now live! We discussed most of the big changes and improvements in Dev Log #6, so if you missed it, go check it out. As a quick note, this build was a pretty tough one to get out with many changes including the brand new sensor system being delivered while also updating the engine. We sent it through several QA passes to ensure quality was up to our standards, and while there are some rough edges here and there, we’re pretty proud of this release. [Chris: Great job team!]

Here are the full patch notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Several instances causing dry-fires [#1 Top User-Requested Issue]
  • Fixed – Now correctly recognizing midair shots from Plasma Gun
  • Fixed – Flags can no longer be glitched outside of flag OOB.
  • Fixed – Server-side demos in preparation for Midair marketing efforts and also as a precursor to more widespread distribution to users
  • Fixed – Sensor Jammer now correctly turns off when you run out of energy
  • Fixed – Turrets no longer shoot players using Sensor Jammer or Cloak augments
  • Fixed – Flag return timer now displays remaining time accurately [Top User-Requested Issue]
  • Fixed – Turrets no longer shoot at unmanned vehicles
  • Fixed – Some fixes for cooldown bugs for Blink and Artillery augments


  • New – UE4 Engine upgraded from 4.12 to 4.14
  • New – Sensor system added – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – UI element added for user to be aware of whether or not they are being tracked by enemy sensor network or undetected
  • New – Mines added – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – Sentinel Turret added – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – Water Turret added – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – Vehicle Pad functionality and UI added – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – Engineer Pack added and removed deployables from all other packs – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – Shield Capacitor augment added to Aegis Pack – check out Dev Log #6 for more information (Note: We previously called this the “Flat Shield”)
  • New – No Bleed augment added to Aegis Pack
  • New – Voice Bind System added (Press V to open menu for voice commands and THANK YOU to Boomerman for lending us his voice) – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – Added chat spam filter
  • New – Tooltips added to loadout screen
  • New – Stat Tracking – check out Dev Log #6 for more information
  • New – Flag timer HUD element added [Top User-Requested Issue]
  • Updated – Blink pack no longer allows for travelling through players or picking up flags mid-blink. Instead, players will now stop short of these things while blinking. Cooldown slightly reduced. Speed upon exit also reduced. [Top User-Requested Issue]
  • Updated – Deploy Key (J) now merged into Use Pack Key (C)
  • Updated – Rabbit can no longer throw the flag [Top User-Requested Issue]
  • Updated – Rabbit now has 1 second of invulnerability upon grabbing the flag. Firing your weapon ends this invulnerability as well as self-damage (like ring-jumping) [Top User-Requested Issue]
  • Updated – Vehicle now react to damage impulses
  • Updated – LCTF flag return timer reduced from 45 to 35 seconds [Top User-Requested Issue]
  • Updated – Revised Lush (grassy) terrain material
  • Updated – Revised water material
  • Updated – Various networking optimizations
  • Updated – Base Sensor now has more health and a bigger mesh
  • Updated – Deployable Sensor now has a slightly bigger mesh
  • Updated – Slightly reduced Tank cannon reload speed (Known Issue: Reload sounds currently don’t reflect this change)
  • Updated – The Tank now has updated textures and some new effects


  • New – CTF-Snowfall
  • New – LCTF-Hypothermia
  • New – LCTF-Tolar reintroduced after redesign
  • Updated – Outpost99 revisions
  • Fixed – Various collision issues on LCTF-Minora
  • Fixed – Various collision issues on CTF-Verdant

Known Issues

  • Sentinel turrets have odd behavior on some maps
  • Voice Bind menu will block other inputs to the game while active
  • Projectiles disappear at certain angles above reflective surfaces
  • There are no limits to the number of mines that can be deployed (be nice!)
  • The Tank and the Fighter have several issues each – updates to both are coming very soon

Note: Top User Issues Trello Board will be updated next week.

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Midair Dev Log #6 – Sensor System, Voice Binds, and More

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Build 0.23.0 is nearing completion and contains some great new features like an overhaul to the sensor system, the addition of our voice bind system, an engine upgrade, and much more. Due to some tricky issues with the engine upgrade, the build will be released later this week instead of at the time of this posting. Read on to learn more!


Build 0.23.0 contains a lot of new features geared toward pushing Base CTF closer to our long-term vision as well as some quality of life fixes. We’ve also added an incredibly helpful and fun tool to communicate with your teammates: the Voice Bind system. We’ll go into detail on some of the highlights in this Dev Log and post the full patch notes when we release the build later this week.

Proximity Mines

New in this build are proximity mines that take up your item slot, so you’ll need to choose between equipping mines or grenades in your loadout (you will still spawn with grenades). When the mine is thrown it will slide, come to rest, deploy, and arm. When the mine is armed, if an enemy walks over it the mine will explode and deal damage in a radius to whoever is nearby. Mines can be destroyed after they are armed so it is good to clear out a room laden with mines with a few quick explosive shots.

Deployable Sentinel Turret

We’ve added the Sentinel turret to the repertoire of deployables you can use to defend your base. The Sentinel turret can be deployed on bases and base objects. As part of this change, the normal turret can now only be deployed on terrain.

Deployable Water Turret

We’ve added an extra turret type for deployment on water. While it’s not useful on all maps, it is very helpful when the enemy decides to hang around your favorite fishing spot.

Voice Binds

Voice Binds are here! This feature will allow you to taunt your enemies and communicate quickly with teammates using a series of key strokes. For example, pressing V-G-W will yell “Waahoo!” and V-S-D-B will yell, “I will defend our base!” We want to know more about what you think should be available in the voice bind menu, so let us know in the forums.

Engineer Pack

We’re introducing the Engineer Pack in its most basic form. To keep it short and sweet… if you want to deploy assets, you’ll need to equip the Engineer Pack in your loadout. This should keep the “farmer” role more well defined and keep the number of assets deployed at any one time more reasonable.


Basic Player Statistics Front-End

Last build we added the beginnings of the back-end to the Player Stats system. This build we’re exposing some of what we’re collecting to you in the Players screen. This screen will show you your individual stats for the round and also show your totals and averages across all of your games. (Note: The second “Deaths” is self-inflicted deaths like killing yourself with an explosion – the labeling will be changed in a subsequent patch)

Player Stats

Vehicle Pad Update

The vehicle pad in prior builds spawned vehicles automatically and simply alternated which vehicle spawned to let players try out both the fighter and the tank. We’ve added a simple (and far from final) UI to let players initiate vehicle spawning and choose which vehicle is spawned. We’ve also added limits to how many vehicles can be used on each map.

Aegis Augment – Flat Shield

We’ve added the Flat Shield augment to the Aegis pack. Flat Shield is a small passive shield that regenerates when out of combat using part of the player’s energy regeneration rate. We wanted to add a more mobile shield option for players who want a bit more standing power in the field but didn’t want to sacrifice too much mobility. Try out the Flat Shield augment and post your feedback in the forum!

Networking Update and Firing Wrong Projectiles Fix

We’ve done some work to update our netcode to make it more resilient going forward. This includes a fix when players switch weapons and fire the wrong projectiles, which was a commonly reported user issue and the #1 issue on our Top User Issues board. These networking changes may result in behavior that wasn’t common in prior builds (including some new issues), but we will be improving on the netcode over time to solve some of these new issues and make the netcode even better.

Engine Upgrade

As we mentioned in the last Dev Log, we spent some time upgrading Unreal Engine from 4.12 to 4.14. For more information, check out their blog posts here and here.

Sensor System Overhaul

Being effective in Midair is highly dependent on knowledge of your enemy’s location and direction. Your opponents will take advantage of your blind spots in order to assault your base and grab your flag unscathed. Conversely a well positioned team and smart deployment of the right assets can prove to be invaluable when defending. In this build we’ve revamped the sensor system to increase the depth of how player, asset deployment, and detection work in Midair.


Sensors have a resolution that determines how fast they can resolve a target. The higher the resolution, the faster the sensor will acquire targets. In addition, targets (players, vehicles, etc.) have a signature depending on their size. The larger the target, the larger the signature, and the faster that target will be acquired. This means that a fast-moving light armor will take longer to acquire than a slow-moving tank. When a target is acquired by a sensor, that information is passed on to the Sensor Network.

Teams benefit from their Sensor Network in two ways:

  1. IFFs (friend or foe indicators) that display on the HUD are determined by what targets are currently detected in the Sensor Network (except for some culling that happens so you don’t have a ton of indicators across the map)
  2. Turrets have their own limited sensors built in, but their range can be extended by nearby base, deployable, or player sensors

There are also two different types of sensor types: Radar and Motion.

Radar Sensors

Radar sensors are driven by LOS (Line of Sight) detection. In other words: If you can see a radar sensor, it can see you. Radar sensors tend to have longer ranges but can be obstructed by buildings and terrain, and tend to have slightly lower resolution. Radar sensors also cannot detect targets using Stealth augments like Sensor Jammer or Invisbility. Base sensors, deployable pulse sensors, players, and vehicles all utilize radar sensors to detect enemies.

Note: Base Sensors are currently not affected by LOS and will acquire everything in its range. This is because the current map positioning and LOS functionality make them underpowered. This will change in later builds, but for now just make sure to kill the Base Turret if you want to attack undetected :).

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are also driven by LOS but have higher resolution and will detect targets using Invisbility. Sensor Jammers will avoid detection at the outer edges of motion sensors but will be detected if they get too close. There are currently no motion sensors available in 0.23.0, but they will be added in subsequent builds.

Lots of great stuff coming in 0.23.0. As a reminder, the build will be coming out later this week, so keep an eye on our community and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Discord, forums) for the build release announcement.

Last chance to get the Instant Access bundle!

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Instant Access Last Chance price drop to $99

Midair is steadily approaching Alpha release, so we’re dropping the price of the Instant Access bundle from $140 to $99 starting February 3rd.

Better hit the jets – this will be your last chance to purchase the Instant Access bundle (which includes 5 gold crates, a Progression Pass, your name in the credits, and a bunch of other goodies), because February 27th will be the last day this huge bundle is available for purchase! After that, in order to get pre-release access to Midair, you’ll have to purchase a different Supporter bundle – either Alpha Access, Closed Beta, or Open Beta/Steam Early Access – and then wait until that specific build of Midair is released. You can check out the entire release timeline and bundle / rewards breakdown here.

After the Instant Access bundle goes away, we’ll then spend a few weeks finalizing the Alpha build. Once it’s ready, we’ll invite all Supporters and Kickstarter backers who purchased Alpha Access bundles into the game.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of our supporters and backers – we’re excited to see you get frags, capture flags, and rack up tank kills with the rest of us!