Patch Notes for Alpha 0.25.1 Hotfix


Today we’re patching the game to fix some issues that appeared with some of the latest changes in the Alpha 0.25.0 build. This hotfix is live as of this post.

Patch Notes – Alpha 0.25.1 Hotfix

Note: The build version in your client will still say “Alpha”


  • Pack pickups text only visible in close range – this should reduce the visual clutter caused by multiple pack drops in a close area
  • Pack pickups no longer drop in LCTF

Bug Fixes

  • Server config can now specify what maps and modes are available to a server
  • Added missing maps to default map list, including Nightflare and various rabbit maps
  • Fixed spectating mouse sensitivity not working
  • Fixed spectating third person camera not rotating
  • Fixed IFFs not updating when fading in or out
  • Fixed low health alarm playing after death or evacuate
  • Fixed projectile loops playing twice for player that shot (or threw) projectile
  • Fixed issue where clicking off of the Vote Change Map menu caused the user to not be able to use the menu again until they reconnected
  • Fixed issue where a failed vote to change the map would disable future change map votes, fixing issues like this one reported by NexGen

Dev Log #9 – The Bomber, Game Settings, and More

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After a longer than usual build cycle, we’re happy to announce that the Alpha 0.25.0 build is LIVE! If you’ve got access to the game, go to steam and start the download, then come back and read up on what’s new in Midair. Don’t have access? Get access and support Midair! Here’s a quick overview of what’s in store for this dev log:

  • Alpha 0.25.0 Build Highlights
  • Full Patch Notes
  • Dedicated Server Rental Pilot
  • Dev Team Changes
  • Sneak Peek: Dev Log #10

Alpha 0.25.0 Build Highlights

New Vehicle: Bomber

In Alpha 0.25.0 we’ve included the bomber for early testing. Load up with a friend and rain havoc down on the enemy base to quickly destroy their defenses and cause confusion. The bomber is a bit slower and less agile than the air fighter but it can take a beating and has a vehicle boost (default is Left Shift) that will briefly make it more mobile. This two-seat vehicle holds one pilot and one gunner. If you’re the pilot, you’ll want to give your gunner the best opportunity to deal damage while avoiding enemy fire.

And for the gunners: The main cannon does tons of damage with its slow moving projectiles, but if you come head to head with enemy air defenses, fight back with the rapid-fire tailgun. Use your weapon switch keys (defaults are 1, 2, and 3) to rotate between seats and switch guns.

Multiple Loadouts Update

Debuting this build is an update to our loadouts system that will let you create, name, and save custom loadouts for each gametype. These loadouts are also tied to hotkeys so you can quickly select the right loadout without wasting time in the loadout screen.

Game Settings and Performance Tweaking

We’ve spent a bunch of time this build updating and expanding the Settings menu in Midair. Here’s the list of what we’ve added:

  • Video/Performance settings
  • Hotkeys settings for loadouts
  • Alternate keybinds
  • Separate sensitivity settings for when you’re on-foot or in a vehicle
  • Vehicle-specific controls now available

As a quick note, to reset a specific control key, press the green square in the top left of the control box or Right-Click when you’re not binding that control:


 Map Art Updates

We’re continuing to update the art across several maps. One of the cooler additions this build is the floating mana crystal on Kryosis and some new terrain textures. Here’s a peek at how it looks now:


Go check out Kryosis, Day Hike, and Tenebris to see more of these improvements.

Full Patch Notes


  • NEW: Multiple loadouts (See Highlights above for details)
  • NEW: Midair desktop application icon
  • NEW: Players will now drop their packs and augments on death or evacuate – press G to pick up a dropped pack
  • NEW: Off-screen IFFs now lock to the border of your screen instead of disappearing
  • Players must now vote for a specific map instead of voting to end the match – this should hopefully improve the experience of voting to change the map since everyone should be agreeing on the specific map to play
  • End of game map vote now selects several random maps within the gametypes the server allows, shows live vote tallies, allows players to change their vote, and also trigger a second, final map vote with a second random list of maps – players can also vote to change gametypes as well
  • Updated Snow and Desert terrain materials
  • Throwable item count now shown in HUD
  • Disabled some console commands that could be used as gameplay exploits


  • NEW: 2-person Bomber aircraft (See Highlights above for details)
  • NEW: Separate vehicle status HUD – Player health and energy will remain visible in the bottom left; vehicle health and energy is shown in the bottom center of the screen as well as the status of the vehicle
  • Improved Tank siege mode: Tank will slow while entering siege mode and should desync less
  • Increased Tank speed and non-sieged weapon fire rate
  • Improved Air Fighter flight mechanics and weapon
  • Vehicle boost no longer requires full energy to trigger
  • Vehicle boost is now available on all vehicles (Air Fighter, Bomber, and Tank)

Controls and Settings

  • NEW: Performance settings now available
  • NEW: Alternate keybinds are available
  • NEW: Separate sensitivity settings for player and vehicle
  • NEW: Vehicle-specific controls now available
  • NEW: Loadouts can now be selected with hotkeys


  • NEW: Added 3 new maps: NightFlare, Elite, and Tribulus
  • NEW: CTF versions of Outpost99, Tolar, and Iguana
  • NEW: Rabbit versions of Outpost99, Tenebris, Elite, Iguana, Brynhildr, Tolar, and SunsetCove
  • DayHike: Changed to a desert environment, minor terrain changes, started populating the map with art assets
  • Kryosis: Updated ice crystal materials, further populated the map with art assets
  • Tenebris: Removed generators, removed vehicles, revised the base design, started populating the map with art assets


  • NEW: Collision damage notification sounds
  • NEW: ‘You killed someone’ notification sound
  • Added new jetpack sounds
  • Added new jetpack notification sounds for start, stop, and empty
  • Added a low health alarm notification loop
  • Added new Ring Launcher fire sound
  • Added new Grenade Launcher fire, and projectile loop sounds
  • Added new Hand Grenade projectile loop sound
  • Updated damage and critical hit notification sounds
  • Updated crossfade and pitch modulation parameters for gliding sounds, the ‘fast’ sound begins earlier – gliding should ‘feel faster’ now
  • General mix work:
    • Lowered distance of attenuation and low pass filter of all weapons fire and explosion sounds
    • Lowered volume on third-person weapons fire and explosion sounds
    • Increased volume of first-person weapon fire and explosion sounds
    • Adjusted attenuation settings of projectile loops for a more natural flyby sound and feel

Bug Fixes

  • Setting invert mouse configuration will now save as expected
  • Resetting settings other than keybindings now works
  • Vehicles handle player disconnects better
  • Tank reload should now persist through siege transitions
  • Player cameras will no longer be at their feet when they eject from a vehicle upside down

Dedicated Server Rental Pilot

Within a few days after the Alpha 0.25.0 build goes live, we’ll be running a limited test for server admins renting servers from our friends at Branzone. This means the first player-owned, player-operated servers will be live this week! We’ve arranged for a limited set of server admins from each currently supported region (North America, Europe, and Australia) to participate in this pilot before we open the doors. The goal of this pilot is to iron out major issues with renting, identify highly desired configuration settings, and generally test the system for renting and spinning up Midair servers through Branzone. When we’re feeling comfortable with dedicated server rentals, we’ll open it up for everyone. We’re aiming to have completely open dedicated server rentals with Branzone by our Steam Early Access release.

Dev Team Changes

We’re making some team shifts in support of a new build and QA process. We’ll do a deep dive into those process changes next dev log, but here are the personnel changes we’re making:

  • Jonah is changing roles and will now be our Release Manager, managing each build from start to finish
  • TylerMarket (Tyler) and Immie (Jon) are joining the team as Co-QA Managers who will manage and run QA passes for each build

As we get ever closer to Early Access on Steam and our final release date, it’s important that we emphasize quality. These shifts will help us better manage our release cadence while still focusing on high quality releases.

Sneak Peek: Dev Log #10

That’s all for now. Make sure to watch out for Dev Log #10 in the coming weeks where we’ll look deeper into our build and QA process including the changes mentioned earlier, and preview the upcoming Alpha 0.26.0 build. If you’re interested in how the sauce is made, this is one you won’t want to miss.

We’ll see you in Midair!

Midair Dev Log #8 – 0.24.0 and 0.24.1 Patch Notes, Alpha 0.25.0 Build Preview

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Welcome to Midair Dev Log #8! It’s been several weeks since the launch of the Midair Alpha, and we’ve got plenty to talk about. First and foremost, let’s take a look at the full patch notes for Alpha build 0.24.0 and the subsequent 0.24.1 hotfix that we’re… a bit late getting to you.

Alpha 0.24.0 Patch Notes


  • NEW: Added Arena Gametype
  • Engineer Pack Update to add charge-based system
  • NEW: Added Motion Sensors


  • Vehicle networking improvements to make vehicles feel better in low ping situations – still a work in progress
  • Tank Work, Siege Mode Rework, HUD Elements (Siege mode, tank cannon reload bar, enter vehicle text helper)
  • Repair Pack is no longer in the default loadout for CTF [Top User Issue]
  • Hand grenade rebalance including adding a delay between grenades to prevent spamming [Top User Issue]
  • Passive Reload bug fixes + UI improvements [Top User Issue]
  • Mortar and hand grenade no longer instantly explode when hitting players [Top User Issue]
  • LCTF and CTF spawning is now more random – this was due to Rabbit code being applied across gametypes [Top User Issue]
  • Decreased camera shake when getting hit by turret fire
  • Various changes to maps including Exhumed and Sunset Cove
  • Added more mine related sound effects
  • Body blocking should now stop people more reliably [Top User Issue] – bouncing fix in another build
  • Reduced deployable turret durability
  • Rebalanced indoor/outdoor turret projectiles to differentiate the two a bit more
  • Various audio improvements

Packs and Augments

  • Aegis/Persistence – Lowered shield efficiency
  • Kinetic/Blink – Decreased cooldown, decreased energy cost
  • Arsenal/Resupply – Decreased cooldown
  • Repair Pack – Small balance tweaks


  • Kryosis Art and Sound Overhaul
  • Added 5 new maps:
    • Authority (AR, CTF)
    • Research (AR)
    • Autumnal (AR)
    • Cluster Rail (AR, LCTF)
    • Aquarena (AR)

Bug Fixes

  • Voice binds no longer interrupt player input
  • Voice levels in the sound settings menu work correctly now
  • HOTFIX: Revert change to hand grenade fuze
  • HOTFIX: Reduce deployable sensor durability
  • HOTFIX: Stability/crashing issue fixes

Build Cycle and Dev Log Timing Update

One quick note for the community before we jump into the build preview. As we move closer and closer to release, we’re evaluating how we can ensure higher quality builds while still delivering on our feature roadmap. In order to accomplish this, we are moving to a 5-week build cycle in order to ensure higher quality releases going forward. We’ll post a new dev log during the launch of each build and roughly week 2 or week 3 of the build cycle.

Team Update

As some of you noticed, we put out two job postings for an Animator and a 3D Generalist. Over the last several weeks, we interviewed roughly 20 great candidates across the two roles. We’re happy to announce we’ve added Richard and Rodrigo to the team to fill those positions. If you see them around, say hi!

Alpha 0.25.0 Build Preview

We’ve got a great set of updates heading your way in Alpha 0.25.0 which should hit approximately one week from now. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Settings and Performance Tweaking

One of our goals for this build was to give the player more control of their settings through the user interface instead of messing around with INI files. We’re adding a ton of new options for you to change your controls and video settings. We’re also exposing performance tweaking controls through the settings interface so you can have more fine-grained control over your performance and eek out every last frame.

Multiple Loadouts

We’re adding the ability for you to create and save multiple loadouts per gametype. And yes, you can access these with hotkeys. 🙂

Vehicle Improvements

The vehicles are still not where we want them to be in terms of handling, function, and fun. We’re continuing our incremental improvement of vehicles that we started last build. In addition, due to our emphasis on adding more settings and controls this build, we’re splitting out vehicle controls and in some cases providing controls for specific vehicles.

New Vehicle: Bomber

Making its appearance in 0.25.0, the bomber will let you and a friend reign down havoc from above. It’s not super agile, but still has a mounted tail gun the gunner can switch to in to help defend against those pesky air fighters. We’ve had some good fun testing this so far, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

That’s all for now, but certainly not all for build 0.25.0. See you next week! 🙂