Dev Log #12 – Build 0.27.0 Preview, Team Changes

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Hello! We’re working hard on Alpha build 0.27.0 which is coming in roughly a week and a half. This build will be a release candidate for Closed Beta, which means we’re really close to opening the doors to everyone who backed at the Closed Beta tiers on Kickstarter or the website. Here’s what’s coming up in 0.27.0:

Alpha 0.27.0 Preview

In preparation for our coming Closed Beta/Steam Early Access release, the objective for this build is to improve gameplay and visual polish in several key areas that are a little rough around the edges while also providing a better experience for new players to Midair.


New players come from a variety of sources – some from other jetpack shooters, some from more traditional FPS games, and some have little or no gaming experience at all. When we hit Steam Early Access it will be important to ensure players jumping into Midair for the first time can quickly learn the basics and have a few “ah ha!” moments that really bring free-form movement, physics-based gameplay, and CTF to life. In the coming build, we’ll release a “first draft” of a set of tutorials that will walk players through basic controls, using the jetpack, skiing, shooting, loadouts, and a brief intro to base play.

First-Person Animations

As we mentioned in our last update, we are continuing to improve our character animations. This time around we’re focusing on a brand new set of first-person animations and also some updates to the new third-person animations that we overhauled last build.

CTF-DayHike Returning

We’ve done a bunch of work on the map CTF-DayHike. When it returns, it will have a new name and a brand new look. We’re really happy with the new aesthetic and we’re sure you will be too. Here’s a quick teaser:

Team Changes

We have a couple changes to the team we wanted to make you aware of:

  • Swordfish is joining the team and will be helping with community and game event management. He organized the Pre-Alpha Proving Grounds tournament and is generally a positive force in the community. We’re super excited to have him on board!
  • Nark is leaving the team. He’s contributed to many of the maps you’re playing now and we thank him for his contribution to Midair.

That’s all for now! Until next time…

48-Hour Extension for the Alpha Last Chance Sale!


Due to continued demand and the outreach of our great community, we are extending the Alpha Last Chance sale by 48-hours! That means you’ll have until Sunday at midnight PST to purchase or upgrade to Midair Alpha Access at our sale price of just $50.

Note: We are not extending the option to purchase our $20 Early Access Open Beta package which is now unavailable for purchase. For more details on the latest release schedule and pricing, click here.

Hotfix 0.26.1 Patch Notes


Just a quick update today. With the last patch we introduced a few new bugs that we wanted to squash ASAP so we’re releasing a hotfix before the next build. There was an issue with the version number increment so this is version 0.26.1 but in the game client you will see version Here are the changes:


  • Decreased maximum chat message length

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where after a while the game would start to hiccup when receiving new messages in the chat window
  • Fixed a client crash when deploying two of the same item in a row
  • Fixed an issue where when returning from the ESC/Loadout Menu, the chat window would be partially scrolled up until a new message was received
  • Fixed an issue where when deploying with the Engineer pack, the player could have a persistent hologram while having a weapon out

Last Chance Alpha Access Sale is LIVE!



Starting today, get Alpha Access for just $50! The sale will last through July 14th, so get it now while it’s still available. Note: Upgrades ARE allowed! When the sale ends on the 14th, we will close new purchases of our Alpha Access and Early Access Open Beta tiers. Click here to read more about our upcoming schedule and pricing changes.

Release Schedule and Pricing Updates


As mentioned in Dev Log #11 – we wanted to discuss scheduling and pricing but thought this information could get buried among a lot of other news.

Schedule Update

Steam Early Access is a big deal for Midair. If you’ve already played the game, you know that it’s fairly easy to get a private, semi-competitive game through community run PUGs, but it’s been challenging to get players into a casual game on an average weekday. New players who have joined have seen a fairly empty list of servers and maybe one private PUG they can’t play in because the server is passworded, they’re not interested in PUGs, or they don’t know the process. This unfortunately feeds the vicious cycle of low new player engagement or having an initial bad experience, then not logging in again or waiting to play until the next wave of new players. With Closed Beta and Steam Early Access we’re hoping to increase player counts to a size where we’ll start to see what we call “Critical Mass” for the casual game scene that will keep at least one casual game going at any given time, or at least during peak gaming hours. This is important not only for the casual players who have more fun when there’s a casual game always available, but it’s also important for the perception of the game for players considering playing the game.

With Closed Beta, we want to ensure that we don’t get a trickle of new players. We want a wave that will help us get to that critical mass we mentioned earlier and keep at least a couple active casual games going at all time throughout Closed Beta. With all of that in mind, we’re making some changes to the schedule and to our pricing to help concentrate the new players coming in from Closed Beta and Steam Early Access, while also capitalizing on potential press coverage at PAX. Here’s what we’re looking at for the near future:

Alpha 0.26.0 Build ReleaseJune 27
Alpha 0.27.0 Build ReleaseLate July
Closed Beta + Steam Early Access LaunchMid-August
PAX West (Seattle, WA)September 1-4

For the Closed Beta Backers, unfortunately that means you’ll need to wait an additional couple of weeks from the latest estimate. We wouldn’t push the schedule if it weren’t for a good reason, and we hope you agree that this is worth waiting for. 🙂

Pricing and Package Updates

Along with the changes to the schedule, we’re announcing sales, our Steam Early Access price, and streamlining pricing in advance of Steam Early Access and PAX.

Alpha Access Sale!

Next Monday, July 3rd, we’re launching a “Last Chance Alpha Access” sale where Alpha access will be on sale for $50. This sale will last for two weeks until July 14th, at which point we will close off the Alpha supporter package for good. There’s still over a month and a half left of Midair’s Alpha period, so tell your friends and get them in early!

Removing Early Access Open Beta Package Option

We’re also letting you know now that when we close of Alpha purchases on July 14th, we will also be closing off sales of the Early Access Open Beta package forever. This is to focus all of the people interested in Midair toward joining us during Closed Beta and Steam Early Access.

Steam Early Access Pricing

Finally, the base pricing for Steam Early Access will be $29.99 and will NOT include many of the goodies for being an early supporter up until this point. When we hit Steam Early Access, we will close the Closed Beta/Buddy Bundle packages and add a new Steam Early Access package on the website that matches what you can get on Steam. If you’re on the fence and waiting for Steam Early Access before joining us, the Alpha access sale pricing and Closed Beta tiers will be your best value.

Any questions about pricing, packages, or the release schedule? Feel free to ask in Discord or shoot us an email at [email protected].