Dev Log #16 – Build 0.28.0 Patch Notes, Key Giveaway Reminder

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In Dev Log #16 we discuss the highlights in the new build 0.28.0 (live NOW!) and remind you that there’s a way to easily get your friends into Midair with our key giveaway!

Key Giveaway Reminder

For those who didn’t read through the last Dev Log – make sure you check out our key giveaway where simply playing 10 hours of Midair will get you a free key to give to a friend! If they play 10 hours they can get one too. All that’s required is you meet the requirements and sign in through Steam on the page for our giveaway. Check out the details here and get your free key by clicking the button below. The giveaway is running through October 14th or until keys run out, so act in the next couple weeks to ensure you get your key.

Build Highlights

Turret Farming

One of the more frequent points of feedback we hear is that turrets are easily able to shut down cappers and offenses when they assault a base. Turrets are meant to be useful tools for defending, but they’re also not supposed to completely shutdown an offense. One of the reasons this is a problem is because teams can cram many turrets into a small area. This is an issue particularly on maps with structures around flag stands like CTF-HowlingSpires where players can put down both sentinel AND land turrets en masse. In addition, turrets can also be difficult to spot until they start shooting at you. In this build, we’re taking the first steps to addressing the overwhelming nature of turret farms as a whole.


The first change we’re making is turrets across the board now have a significantly larger deployment interference zone. This should keep the number of turrets in smaller areas down without decreasing the overall effectiveness of individual turrets. The interference zone is essentially the minimum deployment range from another turret of the same type. For example, if a player deploys a Land turret and the interference zone is 10m, they may not deploy another Land turret within 10m of that first turret. They may, however, deploy a Sentinel turret within that range, but additional Sentinel turret will still need to be deployed outside the interference zone of the first Sentinel turret.


The second set of changes we’re making are around visibility. Turrets are now physically larger and have asset IFFs that can be used to easily spot them when they’re in range of your sensors. This should make finding and destroying turrets easier in general. The asset IFFs can also be used to spot friendly turrets at a glance, so if you’re an engineer you can more easily determine where your turrets are and which turrets have been destroyed. We have plans to expand this IFF system and make it a bit more intelligent over time, but this should help in the short-term.


The third change we’ve made is around a natural enemy of the turret farm: the Stealth pack’s Sensor Jammer augment. Even though the Sensor Jammer is intended to be extremely effective at combating turrets, we’ve generally found it to be underutilized. We believe that this is because the alternatives are more effective and useful in more situations than the Sensor Jammer. In this build, the Sensor Jammer now has a special “Passivist” secondary augment that makes it a passive ability instead of an active one in exchange for decreased energy regeneration. This should make the augment more useful across the board and hopefully bring it more into favor in Base CTF. The Sensor Jammer no longer has the Patience or Buddy System augments available for the time being.

NEW: EMP Grenade

We’re adding the EMP Grenade to your arsenal of throwable items. The EMP is thrown just like the normal grenade except it has a greater impact on the target’s energy than their health. Here’s the breakdown of the effects of the EMP:

  1. Energy is removed from the target’s energy pool based on how close they are from the center of the EMP blast
  2. Energy regeneration is completely stopped for 2 seconds no matter how far from the blast they are
  3. The EMP explosion will also do a slight bit of damage depending on how far from the blast the target is

The EMP Grenade is a great way to impact your opponents mobility or punish their reliance on energy-based abilities and weapons. Check out the effects in the GIF below.

Quality of Life Improvements

Because our development cycle was a bit smaller this time around due to PAX and breaks so the team can recharge, the patch is smaller than many we’ve done. However we took this time to sneak in many quality of life features we thought improved the overall user experience. This includes bug fixes, auto-team balancing, a first pass on automatic audio announcements for game events like flag grabs and generator states, some visual improvements like Out of Bounds (OOB) grid visual improvements, and more. Check out the complete list in the patch notes. In the meantime, here’s a shot of the new OOB grid visuals.

Patch Notes CB 0.28.0

Bug Fixes

  • CTF-Aria, CTF-Hoki, CTF-Ignitus all had holes fixed which allowed you to take the flag underneath the map
  • Fixed an issue where InvulnerableAssets was applying to assets in tutorials
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn at the enemy base at the start of a game
  • You can no longer spam repair packs or rapidly swap between multiple packs
  • Fixed server browser sorting (it should work now)
  • Players will no longer look like they’re walking while jetting underwater
  • Fixed a bug where “Enter vehicle” text would not appear when you approached a vehicle
  • Your stats will be remembered if you disconnect and reconnect to the same match
  • While spectating someone who dies/goes into inventory, you will no longer have to re-spectate them to continue following them
  • Leaving a keybind blank and binding that key to something else should no longer result in a double keybind upon reloading the game (For example: Rebinding the default zoom key of “E” to flagtoss and leaving zoom blank will not force you to zoom every time you flagtoss)
  • The dam water now extends all the way to the ground on CTF-Dam
  • “Enter Vehicle <Use Keybind>” text will no longer appear while in a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where players would bounce off of others’ heads and inherit their velocity in the opposite direction – this should make bodyblocking more effective
  • Sentinel turrets and Water turrets have firing sounds and effects again

Art and Animations

  • Updated ammo pickup art
  • NEW: Inner and outer OOB grid art, also increased the visibility distance of the grids
  • NEW: 1p flag grab animations
  • NEW: Mine tossing animations
  • Projectile explosions now have unique decals
  • The Light has put on his goggles again!


  • NEW: EMP Grenade
  • NEW: Automatic team balancing
  • First pass on updating the vehicle HUD
  • The birds became smaller on Verdant and Minora
  • Players will no longer have a view that is locked in place in Arena pre-round
  • Spectating players can now toggle spectate to avoid being forced to spectate someone
  • Players are no longer turned around when using base inventory stations
  • If players fire while cloaked, they will become uncloaked
  • There is a slight delay before cloak pack will become active. In the future, this will include a transition effect to be more clear of what is happening
  • Sensor Jammer is now a passive primary augment for the Stealth pack
  • Added Jump-then-Skate and Toggle-Skate options, these will be available through your Input.ini using bJumpthenskate=True/False and bToggleSkate=True/False
  • Increased the deployable interference zones significantly to balance turret farms, this applies to deployables of the same type only
  • Increased the size of Land and Sentinel turrets
  • Increased the distance that mines can be placed next to each other so that they are spread further apart
  • Turrets now have a diamond IFF to help make them more visible
  • Character optimization to give a minor boost to performance with higher player counts
  • Max framerate default was changed to 160
  • Slight buff to mortar speed and bounce
  • Mortars will now do significantly more damage to base inventory stations
  • Asset kills now give points
  • Made some improvements to the Engineer UX to include the following:
    • Improvements to the messaging of why you can’t deploy something,
    • You can now select a deployable and have the hologram ready to deploy when you don’t have enough charges
    • Holograms will disappear when entering the engineer menu


  • NEW: First pass on gameplay auto-announcer system (can be disabled using bAutoAnnouncer in your Input.ini)


  • CTF-Deserted Sands – smaller tunnel to the base, more protected generator, removed floating pyramid above the flagstand, new stargates
  • LCTF-Exhumed is now a daytime map
  • LCTF-Minora – minor lighting fixes and optimizations
  • AR-Autumnal had a slight makeover
  • LCTF-Frozenlines has been readded
  • CTF-HowlingSpires had the flight ceiling raised significantly
  • CTF-Tenebris has been sent on vacation to Finland for a makeover
  • CTF-Aria now has a vehicle pad
  • CTF-Icewind has new glaciers
  • CTF-Dam has received base layout changes
  • Removed several prototype maps based on user feedback

Server Admins

The following features will be available soon after the build goes live on Branzone servers:

  • Deployable maximums can now be set by the type of deployable
  • Specific weapon maximums can now be set