Dev Log #25 – Build Highlights, Patch Notes

Greetings Proxies,

The patch contains some content and Quality-of-Life updates. Dev Log #25 will explore these features, available for download now. As always, a big thank you to the community members who are actively working on releasing these great features for the community: PeTtY, Hobb, JEstEr, Implosions.

Build Highlights

New Feature: Reticle options

Under game settings players will now be able to choose from a range of styles and colors in order to better suit their individual play style.

New Feature: Flag Distance

Ever wonder how far flags were from you? There is now an option to display a flag distance indicator (in meters). By default this setting is off, to enable it look under Game Settings.

New Prototype Maps


Craters is a new community LCTF map borrowing art assets from Howling Spires.

Twilight Grove

Twilight Grove was previously an unreleased prototype map that has been tweaked for LCTF. Full Patch Notes


  • Flag distance indicator is now an available option in Game Settings
  • Reticle options have been added to the Game Settings
  • The jump height for Light Armor has been increased by 10% to make it easier for new players
  • Welcome to Midair message is now hidden after the first view
  • With the addition of an audio alert and an on-screen message, it’s now very obvious when the overtime tie-breaker round starts.


  • Added prototype map LCTF-Craters
  • Added prototype map LCTF-TwilightGrove
  • Added prototype map RB-WombatIsland
  • Rolled back LCTF-SunsetCove to original base
  • Added background audio to LCTF-Snarx