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Dev Log #25 – Build Highlights, Patch Notes

Greetings Proxies, The patch contains some content and Quality-of-Life updates. Dev Log #25 will explore these features, available for download now. As always, a big thank you to the community members who are actively working on releasing these great features for the community: PeTtY, Hobb, JEstEr, Implosions. Build Highlights New Feature: Reticle options Under […]

Welcome to the Midair Free-to-Play Launch!

Midair Free-to-Play is now LIVE! Invite your friends and come check out all the action in Midair. Visit our store on steam to take advantage of the Manaborn Game Pass which allows you to unlock all armor types, weapons, vehicles, packs, augments, and all future gameplay – forever! It’s taken a village to build Midair from […]

Midair Free-to-Play Release Trailer

Check out the brand new Midair Free-to-Play Release trailer on YouTube, Steam, or watch it below. And in case you missed it, be sure to check out Dev Log #21 with all of the details on the 0.32.0 patch that went live earlier this week. See you all in Midair on May 3rd!


Midair Free-to-Play Release Date: May 3rd

Greetings Proxies! Today we are happy to announce the official Midair Free-to-Play release date: Thursday, May 3rd Midair has come a long way from its Kickstarter campaign, and in two weeks we’ll be releasing it to the world as a free-to-play title! We’re hard at work adding as many features, quality of life improvements, and […]