Dev Log #14 – Build 0.27.2 Patch Notes

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We’re heading into the 11th hour of Closed Beta launch prep and we’re super excited to introduce a bunch of brand new players to the world of Midair. In advance of hitting this important milestone, we’re releasing our final patch NOW before we launch! We’ll keep this log short and focus on the patch notes so we can get back to work with our final preparations.

See you all very soon!

Closed Beta Build 0.27.2 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Weapons no longer appear above the tank while in the tank cannon seat
  • Fixed evacuation messages being the same as death messages
  • Invisibility augment now applies to weapon clips
  • Skull and ghost death icons are now appropriately team colored
  • Fixed an issue that was causing vehicles to stutter while being piloted
  • Expanded the width of the Vote Change Map list to be able to read the entire list
  • Deployable inventories are no longer invulnerable with InvulnerableBaseAssetsBelowPlayerCount turned on in server settings
  • Improved issues with the loadout menu that were causing large FPS drops on all other menus

Art and Animations

  • Fixed broken shading on various weapons
  • Updated various 1st person animations
  • Updated pack drop mesh


  • NEW: Archetype and UE4 Splash screens
  • NEW: Ability to join on player and launch the game from your steam friends lists
  • NEW: Added server browser sorting options
  • Tank movement speed, boost speed, and health have been increased to make it a more viable option in the field
  • Passengers in vehicles can now view that vehicle’s health and energy
  • Heavies can no longer pilot vehicles, they will receive a chat notification if they attempt to pilot one – they may still buy vehicles and sit in bombardier and tailgunner seats of the bomber
  • Base inventory and deployable inventory station IFFs can now be seen through walls and hills at a longer distance to be easier to locate for newer players [Trello Top User Issues]
  • Re-enabled the following “Show” commands after the blanket removal of all show commands last patch: DeferredLighting, DirectLighting, Decals, InstancedFoliage, Grain, Vignette
  • Adjusted Base Turret mechanics so it should not shoot at extremely long range targets that it will likely miss
  • Added invulnerability messages to perma-invulnerable assets
  • Turrets no longer shoot at invulnerable assets
  • Wall repair pack IFFs are now visible through walls and hills at a longer distance to be easier to locate for newer players [Trello Top User Issues]
  • NEW: Added new default loadouts for all game modes to assist new players in discovering useful loadouts (to check them out, delete everything in your Midair/Saved/SavedGames folder)
  • Decreased Engineer/Charge regen speed to limit turret farm spam
  • Updated a loading screen tip that had an out of date default keybind



  • AR-SnowArena prototype map added for more wide-spread testing
  • AR-ReactorCore prototype map added for more wide-spread testing
  • Fixed broken textures on the mana cracks on Verdant
  • Added loading screens to all Tenebris variants, SnowArena, and ReactorCore

Closed Beta RC2 0.27.1 Patch Notes

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Last patch we added a lot of great new content, but we also introduced some new issues. We were going to hold back on releasing a patch until we had more done, but due to the critical issues like the persistent crashing and missing projectiles we decided to release this pseudo-hotfix. I say “pseudo” because there are plenty of improvements not related to those issues included in this build.

In Closed Beta RC2 0.27.1 we fix several of the most impactful issues while also improving the stability of the build and introducing several quality of life fixes that improve the game experience overall. We’re getting close to a final build for Closed Beta but you can expect at least one more patch before we launch this Friday.

Build 0.27.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Projectiles should no longer disappear while flying in front of clouds
  • Fixed game crash related to weapon reload animations
  • Fixed game crash upon joining servers during map transitions
  • There are no longer double footsteps playing while in third person
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes get an invisible chaingun after placing a deployable
  • Fixed issue where pressing a number key while changing a loadout name would switch to that loadout
  • Fixed issue where players would lose hit and kill sounds while playing for extended periods of time
  • Chaingun audio should no longer cut out while continuously firing
  • Fixed issue where reload sounds would continue playing after you had switched weapons or died
  • Pack pickups that are dropped on player death or evacuate will now remain vertical instead of landing slanted
  • Sentinel turrets should now properly fire at enemies in all placement scenarios
  • The railgun no longer applies full damage at all energy levels at certain ranges
  • Mid-match voting notification no longer fades away when the chat box fades away
  • Mid-match vote UI will no longer persist if an admin changes the map during the map vote
  • The blue-side generator spectator camera on CTF-Massive is no longer in the middle of a field
  • Fixed main menu loadout screen issue where players couldn’t modify Rabbit and Arena loadouts because their buttons were cut off

Art and Animations

  • Adjusted railgun position
  • Adjusted chaingun position
  • Changed Light model’s loadout preview pose
  • Brightened loadout preview to make the loadout UI elements easier to read
  • Updated Blaster reload animation


  • “Show” console commands have been disabled to avoid issues with players using them to gain an advantage on other players
  • Removed chat window from main menu
  • Base Sensor hitboxes were increased to better match the visuals
  • Made a quick update to the Engineer pack UI to better match the in-game UI
  • Added the ability to spectate using a gamepad
  • Vehicle pad IFF is now the fighter icon and can be seen through walls, helping players find the vehicle pad more easily
  • Added notification when attempting to shoot invulnerable assets
  • The Kill Feed now shows up to 12 characters of a player’s name (increased from 10)


  • Updated Evacuate sound
  • Updated Railgun reload sounds
  • Updated Blaster reload sounds to match with new animations
  • Updated Fighter and Bomber engine sounds


  • Iratus: Terrain adjustments to make the map more friendly to ground vehicles
  • Howling Spires: Terrain adjustments to make the map more friendly to ground vehicles
  • Deserted Sands: Fixed various terrain seams, added a base tower
  • Added loading screen images to most maps missing them (except Tenebris, you sly boots)
  • Fixed various issues with CTF-FrozenLines, which has been re-added to the map rotation for official servers
  • Minora now has some wildlife here and there

Known Issues

  • Mana cracks on CTF-Verdant have broken texturing as of this build

Dev Log #13 – Build 0.27.0 Patch Notes, Design Deep Dive

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Welcome to edition #13 of the Midair Dev Log. Today we’re focusing entirely on the build highlights, full patch notes for 0.27.0, and a design deep-dive into the design process for some low-speed physics changes we’ve been working on. To be clear upfront, we do not have a firm date for the release of Closed Beta yet but will update you when we do. 🙂

Build Highlights

In this build, we’re delivering features and improvements that would provide the most impact for new players joining in Closed Beta and Steam Early Access. The areas we focused on were:

  • Quickly getting new players up to speed on the basics in Midair
  • UI improvements to rough areas that make it easier to get going quickly and that are more visually appealing
  • Visual polish and “feel” on some of our maps and while playing in first-person

These changes and more are what you’ll see in 0.27.0, which is our first “Release Candidate” for Closed Beta and is LIVE NOW!

Tutorial Missions

New players come from a variety of sources – some from other jetpack shooters, some from more traditional FPS games, and some have little or no gaming experience at all. When we hit Steam Early Access it will be important to ensure players jumping into Midair for the first time can quickly learn the basics and have a few “ah ha!” moments that really bring free-form movement, physics-based gameplay, and CTF to life. This build we’re releasing two tutorials:

  • Basic Movement: Intro to basic movement, using the jetpack, and skiing
  • Shooting and Loadouts: Basic shooting on stationary and moving targets, loadouts, and a brief intro to base play

Even if you’ve already logged hours in Midair, it’s worth running through these new missions just to make sure you’ve got all the basics down. 🙂

DayHike Returns as Howling Spires

Last build we benched CTF-DayHike to give it a visual overhaul and a new name: Howling Spires. We’re extremely happy with how the new art and visuals really make the game feel great. We’re excited to continue producing maps with great quality in the future. Here’s a look at the new visuals:


New Loadout Screen UI

We’re introducing our brand-new loadout screen UI! The new UI has a new look and feel with armor, weapon, and item previews, and a new augment selector. Tooltips are gone and descriptions are now displayed on the right side of the screen. This is a great first step toward our final vision for the loadout screen, and we’ll be improving this over time as we continue to update Midair’s UI.

Low-Speed Physics Changes

We changed parts of how our physics work at low-speeds so that we could provide a better experience to new players and veterans alike who felt that the jetpack at low speeds was under powered. This is something we wanted to dive into with an explanation because it’s a really interesting topic, so we did…down below. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the most common complaints we’ve heard from new players is they feel it’s hard to get off the ground and gain upward velocity when they’re using directional keys. The typical response to this is: “Don’t hold W all the time when you’re using your jetpack.” This exchange is super common among players coming from games like Tribes: Ascend due to the way the jets work in those games. We knew that this was an important issue that wasn’t limited to a small subset of players because we just kept hearing it

Want to read more? Check out the full deep-dive below the patch notes!

New First Person Animations and Sounds

We redid the underlying first-person animations and reworked each weapon reload. There’s still work to be done here but what you see now is a much more interactive and interesting set of animations. We’d love your feedback on this as we will be making these better over the next several builds.

Closed Beta RC1 0.27.0 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • FOV settings now apply to 3rd person view
  • Fixed client crash related to Sonic Booms
  • Mouse DPI now saves between map changes and game loading
  • Fixed issue with Active Shield pack not displaying properly
  • Fixed server crash related to Engineer pack
  • Cannot play the grenade throw animation while in freelook anymore
  • Fixed issue where the chat box was extended across the main menu partially blocking the Refresh and Join buttons
  • Entering a deployable inventory while jetting no longer leaves your jets active
  • Bomber reticles no longer appear when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue with a Vehicle purchasing UI where it wouldn’t update what keys you needed to press to purchase each vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where 3rd person aim would occasionally desync and fire in the wrong location
  • Fixed an issue where while typing in chat certain keys would still trigger in-game input
  • Removed voice chat playing while the game is out of focus
  • Fixed death notifications (the “X” next to the player name) not displaying properly on the scoreboard
  • Longer keybinds should no longer cut off on the in-game UI


  • NEW: Loadout Screen UI 1st pass
  • NEW: “Basic Movement” and “Shooting and Loadouts” tutorials to help new players learn the basics
  • Tutorials menu added to header nav, which is also the default main menu screen (for now)
  • Main menu UI improvements 1st pass
  • Added notifications to mid-map voting to make it more noticeable
  • Changed mid match voting mechanics to require a minimum percentage (currently 40% on official servers) of players to vote in order to change a map
  • Adjusted low-speed physics to be more intuitive for newer players (See Design Deep-Dive below for details!) [Trello Top User Issue]
  • Removed Vertical Boost augment from Kinetic pack as this was used primarily as a test for the more significant low speed physics adjustments we made above
  • Added chat notification when a loadout is selected with hotkeys
  • Ammo drops now have a new model
  • Pack drops have a new model which also projects a hologram for the type of pack it is
  • The Repair gun now attaches to objects more effectively making it more easy and intuitive to use
  • Slightly reduced Repair Tool healing rate overall in order to decrease the effectiveness of the repair gun in combat situations [Trello Top User Issue] and make the taking down of base assets more impactful
  • Added color to system messages to distinguish them from normal chat
  • Changed some voice bind paths and made voice bind categories more distinguishable from terminal binds
  • The chat rate limiter has been tightened to further prevent chat flooding – these settings are now also available to server admins who can tweak them to their own preference
  • When joining a passworded server, pressing enter on the password input prompt now functions how any normal game might, my god…
  • NEW: Ring Launcher has a decal upon ground impact (This currently applies to all weapons which will be changed in the future)
  • Removed view distance setting from video settings due to weird issues that were occurring
  • Rabbit and Arena scoreboards no longer show decimals for things like damage and timers, which had caused misalignment of those scoreboard items

Art & Animations

  • NEW: 1st person animation overhaul
  • NEW: Blaster weapon model now shown and animated in 1st person
  • 3rd person animation improvements building on what was done in 0.26.0


  • NEW: Fighter sounds overhaul
  • NEW: Bomber sounds overhaul
  • NEW: Tank sounds overhaul
  • NEW: Weapon reload sounds overhaul to match the new animations
  • NEW: Blaster fire sound
  • NEW: Flag bounce & slide sounds
  • Unique Collision (Fall) damage sounds for Light, Medium, Heavy (Minimal, Painful, Fatal)
  • General volume improvements


  • NEW: CTF-HowlingSpires (formerly known as DayHike) is back with a brand new look
  • NEW: PR-Movement added, a tutorial map for general movement
  • NEW: PR-Shooting added, a tutorial map to practice your aim and learn about the basics of your loadout and Base gameplay
  • Minora: Updated sky
  • Verdant: Is now symmetrical, with overhauled sky, foliage and rock assets
  • Updated skies across the board
  • Aria-II: Adjusted lighting to fix brightness issues
  • Aquarena: Made walkways wider, added railings to make it less difficult to fall into the water
  • Deserted Sands: Added missing repair packs
  • FrozenLines: Fixed lighting issues, made revisions to clean up and streamline the map
  • Added spectator cameras to a lot of maps that were missing them

Server Admin

  • IMPORTANT: In order to play CTF-HowlingSpires, you will need to manually add it to your map list
  • We’ve released a list of server commands and config options that can be found here – we will be updating this as we add more features and as we hear feedback
  • New server admin settings have been added to help server admins better control deployables in Base CTF, chat spam, and voting requirements:
    • MaxDeployableInventoryCount – Maximum deployable inventories allowed for each team (Default: 5)
    • MaxDeployableTurretCount – Maximum deployable turrets available for all turret types (Default: 6) [Note: We will be breaking this out into each turret type in the future]
    • MaxDeployableSensorCount – Maximum deployable sensor count available for all sensor types (Default: 10) [Note: We will be breaking this out into each sensor type in the future]
    • MaxMessageRate – The maximum amount of “cost” available before the SpamCoolOffTime kicks in (Default: 3.5 ) [Note: This regenerates automatically at 1.0 per second]
    • SpamCooloffTime – The cooldown time where “cost” is not regained back (Default: 3.0 seconds)
    • ExpressionRateCost – The cost of using a voice bind (Default: 1.2)
    • ChatRateCost – The cost of sending a typed chat message (Default: 0.8)
    • EndMatchMinParticipationPct – (0 – 1) percentage of players who must vote for the end match vote to be tallied (Default: 0.6)
    • EndMatchYesVotePctToPass – (0 – 1) percentage of players who must vote yes for the vote to pass (Default: 0.6)


  • The following settings we added last build will soon be available in the Default Config editor:
    • bRandomizeTeams
    • InvulnerableBaseAssetsBelowPlayerCount
  • The new Server Admin settings we added THIS build (see above) will soon be available in the Default Config editor

Design Deep-Dive: Low Speed Physics

One of the most common complaints we’ve heard from new players is they feel it’s hard to get off the ground and gain upward velocity when they’re using directional keys. The typical response to this is: “Don’t hold W all the time when you’re using your jetpack.” This exchange is super common among players coming from games like Tribes: Ascend due to the way the jets work in those games. We knew that this was an important issue that wasn’t limited to a small subset of players because we just kept hearing it. Realistically, we simply cannot be there every time a new player boots up the game to tell them “don’t hold W” and explain the nuances of directional thrusting. While tutorials are great, not everyone reads the text, listens to the voice over, or (frankly) can master the underlying mechanics.

Before I get into the solution, I want to discuss openly the reasons why the problem exists and the design constraints we face when making physics changes. The way we’ve designed our jet thrusting system to work focuses on maximum maneuverability in exchange for energy – meaning you must use your jetpack to make directional changes with your movement keys, and when you do that we push most of the power to your horizontal jets so you can make fine-grained movements. As long as you’re managing vertical jets effectively at the same time then you’re able to keep your height and maneuver while in a fight or moving around. This system is very effective and very nice feeling when you’re a good or great player that has experience with the way the physics work.

The problem is, this system completely ignores the realities that new players face when they start up the game for the first time or even within the first 10 hours of gameplay. At PAX and during user testing, when we switched to Icewind we kept seeing the same thing over and over again from our new players. In order to get on the flag stand, players would go to the highest point nearby, hold W, hit their jetpack, and look at where they wanted to go. If you’ve played Midair you probably know that this is the result of doing that:

The Icewind stand is a little challenging with the way we designed the edges, but the scenario didn’t feel right. If you look at where they’re taking off, it just feels like they should be able to get there no problem if they’re using a jetpack regardless of their directional keys. Jetpacks are supposed to go UP, right?! They certainly believed so. They often wouldn’t tell us verbally but you could tell that they were getting frustrated because they didn’t know how to be effective. The resulting effect is something we called “The Icewind Flag Stand Effect” and it is a really scary thing for the future of the game because these enthusiastic new players just got frustrated, blamed themselves, and didn’t know how to overcome it.

The good news is we know new players primarily play the game at lower speeds, so we could focus on those scenarios. The problem was, even though the problems were mostly isolated to scenarios at low speeds, any changes you make to the physics will affect everything down the line including physics at high speeds. We needed to really consider a full solution that provided the most low-speed effectiveness with the most control without drastically changing the game at high-speeds.

We were concerned about potential changes because small adjustments in initial takeoff velocity, jetpack power, thrust effectiveness, and other things that seem like “obvious” solutions have massive impact on how the physics work at all speeds. Every additional point of velocity can translate into several points of speed down the line, making cappers faster and more difficult to catch among other things. Additionally, we didn’t want current players to feel like we were nerfing the control or speed we’ve all grown so fond of. Internally we discussed this problem as a “Ferrari vs Civic” issue (yeah we’re going with a car analogy). Give a novice driver a Civic and they’ll mostly figure it out. Give a novice driver a Ferrari and you’ll get to watch them spin out of control and crash. The Ferrari is the better car and experienced drivers really know how to drive it, but new drivers will simply fail with it. On the flip-side, the Civic is a safe and easy car, but it’s limited with what it can do (read: not as fun or powerful for experienced drivers). We had to decide where in the middle we’d go.

The good news is we found a great mid-point that sacrifices very little of the control you’re used to while providing a much better experience for a new player. This is through two primary methods:

  1. We worked on a complex and fairly elegant set of solutions to provide a reasonable amount of additional boost during certain low-speed scenarios like jetpacking up to a flag stand
  2. We fixed a big issue where when players were pressing W into a wall while jetpacking, the player would get pushed down – we now translate some (but not all) of the lost horizontal thrust power into vertical thrust

Both of these things help newer players get to where they want to go without requiring they know the finer details of the jetpack. In addition, we did this while still rewarding higher-skill movement and sacrificing none of the control you’re used to. Here’s the result in the Icewind flag stand test:

This seems like a lot of text for what appears to be on the surface a small change in the jetpack. It was actually a pretty difficult design problem that could have had massive impact on the game any place where movement physics play a role (pretty much everything).

We’d love to hear your feedback on this change. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let us know in the forums and make sure you include lots of info.

Dev Log #12 – Build 0.27.0 Preview, Team Changes

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Hello! We’re working hard on Alpha build 0.27.0 which is coming in roughly a week and a half. This build will be a release candidate for Closed Beta, which means we’re really close to opening the doors to everyone who backed at the Closed Beta tiers on Kickstarter or the website. Here’s what’s coming up in 0.27.0:

Alpha 0.27.0 Preview

In preparation for our coming Closed Beta/Steam Early Access release, the objective for this build is to improve gameplay and visual polish in several key areas that are a little rough around the edges while also providing a better experience for new players to Midair.


New players come from a variety of sources – some from other jetpack shooters, some from more traditional FPS games, and some have little or no gaming experience at all. When we hit Steam Early Access it will be important to ensure players jumping into Midair for the first time can quickly learn the basics and have a few “ah ha!” moments that really bring free-form movement, physics-based gameplay, and CTF to life. In the coming build, we’ll release a “first draft” of a set of tutorials that will walk players through basic controls, using the jetpack, skiing, shooting, loadouts, and a brief intro to base play.

First-Person Animations

As we mentioned in our last update, we are continuing to improve our character animations. This time around we’re focusing on a brand new set of first-person animations and also some updates to the new third-person animations that we overhauled last build.

CTF-DayHike Returning

We’ve done a bunch of work on the map CTF-DayHike. When it returns, it will have a new name and a brand new look. We’re really happy with the new aesthetic and we’re sure you will be too. Here’s a quick teaser:

Team Changes

We have a couple changes to the team we wanted to make you aware of:

  • Swordfish is joining the team and will be helping with community and game event management. He organized the Pre-Alpha Proving Grounds tournament and is generally a positive force in the community. We’re super excited to have him on board!
  • Nark is leaving the team. He’s contributed to many of the maps you’re playing now and we thank him for his contribution to Midair.

That’s all for now! Until next time…

48-Hour Extension for the Alpha Last Chance Sale!


Due to continued demand and the outreach of our great community, we are extending the Alpha Last Chance sale by 48-hours! That means you’ll have until Sunday at midnight PST to purchase or upgrade to Midair Alpha Access at our sale price of just $50.

Note: We are not extending the option to purchase our $20 Early Access Open Beta package which is now unavailable for purchase. For more details on the latest release schedule and pricing, click here.

Hotfix 0.26.1 Patch Notes


Just a quick update today. With the last patch we introduced a few new bugs that we wanted to squash ASAP so we’re releasing a hotfix before the next build. There was an issue with the version number increment so this is version 0.26.1 but in the game client you will see version Here are the changes:


  • Decreased maximum chat message length

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where after a while the game would start to hiccup when receiving new messages in the chat window
  • Fixed a client crash when deploying two of the same item in a row
  • Fixed an issue where when returning from the ESC/Loadout Menu, the chat window would be partially scrolled up until a new message was received
  • Fixed an issue where when deploying with the Engineer pack, the player could have a persistent hologram while having a weapon out

Last Chance Alpha Access Sale is LIVE!



Starting today, get Alpha Access for just $50! The sale will last through July 14th, so get it now while it’s still available. Note: Upgrades ARE allowed! When the sale ends on the 14th, we will close new purchases of our Alpha Access and Early Access Open Beta tiers. Click here to read more about our upcoming schedule and pricing changes.

Release Schedule and Pricing Updates


As mentioned in Dev Log #11 – we wanted to discuss scheduling and pricing but thought this information could get buried among a lot of other news.

Schedule Update

Steam Early Access is a big deal for Midair. If you’ve already played the game, you know that it’s fairly easy to get a private, semi-competitive game through community run PUGs, but it’s been challenging to get players into a casual game on an average weekday. New players who have joined have seen a fairly empty list of servers and maybe one private PUG they can’t play in because the server is passworded, they’re not interested in PUGs, or they don’t know the process. This unfortunately feeds the vicious cycle of low new player engagement or having an initial bad experience, then not logging in again or waiting to play until the next wave of new players. With Closed Beta and Steam Early Access we’re hoping to increase player counts to a size where we’ll start to see what we call “Critical Mass” for the casual game scene that will keep at least one casual game going at any given time, or at least during peak gaming hours. This is important not only for the casual players who have more fun when there’s a casual game always available, but it’s also important for the perception of the game for players considering playing the game.

With Closed Beta, we want to ensure that we don’t get a trickle of new players. We want a wave that will help us get to that critical mass we mentioned earlier and keep at least a couple active casual games going at all time throughout Closed Beta. With all of that in mind, we’re making some changes to the schedule and to our pricing to help concentrate the new players coming in from Closed Beta and Steam Early Access, while also capitalizing on potential press coverage at PAX. Here’s what we’re looking at for the near future:

Alpha 0.26.0 Build ReleaseJune 27
Alpha 0.27.0 Build ReleaseLate July
Closed Beta + Steam Early Access LaunchMid-August
PAX West (Seattle, WA)September 1-4

For the Closed Beta Backers, unfortunately that means you’ll need to wait an additional couple of weeks from the latest estimate. We wouldn’t push the schedule if it weren’t for a good reason, and we hope you agree that this is worth waiting for. 🙂

Pricing and Package Updates

Along with the changes to the schedule, we’re announcing sales, our Steam Early Access price, and streamlining pricing in advance of Steam Early Access and PAX.

Alpha Access Sale!

Next Monday, July 3rd, we’re launching a “Last Chance Alpha Access” sale where Alpha access will be on sale for $50. This sale will last for two weeks until July 14th, at which point we will close off the Alpha supporter package for good. There’s still over a month and a half left of Midair’s Alpha period, so tell your friends and get them in early!

Removing Early Access Open Beta Package Option

We’re also letting you know now that when we close of Alpha purchases on July 14th, we will also be closing off sales of the Early Access Open Beta package forever. This is to focus all of the people interested in Midair toward joining us during Closed Beta and Steam Early Access.

Steam Early Access Pricing

Finally, the base pricing for Steam Early Access will be $29.99 and will NOT include many of the goodies for being an early supporter up until this point. When we hit Steam Early Access, we will close the Closed Beta/Buddy Bundle packages and add a new Steam Early Access package on the website that matches what you can get on Steam. If you’re on the fence and waiting for Steam Early Access before joining us, the Alpha access sale pricing and Closed Beta tiers will be your best value.

Any questions about pricing, packages, or the release schedule? Feel free to ask in Discord or shoot us an email at [email protected].

Dev Log #11 – 0.26.0 Patch Notes, Dedicated Servers, and PAX West

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In Dev Log #11 we’re going to go over the new changes in the latest patch, the general release of rentals for dedicated servers through our partner, and news about Midair at PAX West.

Build Highlights

UI Overhaul: The HUD

As we mentioned last dev log, we’re overhauling the UI to fit our final design and look more polished and modern. Our first overhaul is the HUD. We won’t talk your ear off about it – just check it out!

HUD Overhaul

Third Person and Freelook

We’ve added third person and freelook controls to let you get the full picture. Third person puts your camera behind your character so you can see the full player model while playing. Freelook will let you rotate the camera around your character or vehicle to see what’s to your side or to your left without moving your aim. This is pretty handy for things like seeing where your bombs landed from the bomber cannon.

Animation Overhaul: 3rd Person Animations

As part of a larger overhaul of our animations, we’ve started from the ground up on our 3rd person character animations. Everything should look more fluid and polished than before. There’s still more work to be done but we like how the animations have progressed. Take a look and give us feedback!

Ammo Pickups

In 0.26.0 we’ve added ammo and health pickups from dead players to help you have a little more staying power and longevity in the field. To grab one, just walk over it and it will activate immediately to give you the player’s dropped ammo and a small health boost. The health boost is a flat 25 health applied over 5 seconds. If you’re damaged during this time, the health regen will stop. Grabbing multiple pickups in a row results in them being applied one after the other. Example: Player picks up 2 health boosts in a row and heals a total of 50 damage over 10 seconds.

As part of this patch, we’ve made the ammo/health pickup the placeholder sphere we had before and added a placeholder cylinder for the pack pickup in Base CTF.

Ammo 1_sm

Alpha Build 0.26.0 Patch Notes


  • NEW: Brand new HUD and Fonts
  • NEW: Added third person & freelook controls (defaults are X and Left Alt respectively)
  • NEW: Added combined ammo and health pickups that drop when a player dies
  • NEW: Completely overhauled third person animations
  • Adjusted Chaingun to reduce its long-distance effectiveness
  • Slightly increased self-impulse on Ring Launcher to increase effectiveness of ring jumps and ease the impact of the Chaingun adjustment on chasers
  • Changed Mortar physics to make it feel more powerful and consistent [Top User Issue]
  • Slightly increased respawn timer in CTF and LCTF to increase the importance of timing and positioning
  • Decreased camera shake effect for Chaingun, Ring Launcher, and Grenade Launcher impact
  • Adjusted shield bleed effect to fix a change that was made earlier that significantly increased shield bleed beyond where we wanted it, but we also increased bleed from where it was during the Alpha launch so it should make fighting players feel a bit more manageable overall
  • Reduced power of Vertical Boost augment to bring down its effectiveness a bit
  • The Medium Female has had a visual update!
  • The Light Male decided to get rid of his goggles!
  • The Land Mine activation time and damage radius have been buffed to make its use more consistent against fast-moving players (maximum damage is still the same)


  • NEW: You now teleport into the vehicle you purchased
  • Bomber cannon now has a magazine, fires faster, has faster projectiles, and is more responsive to the gunner’s mouse movement
  • Reduced impulse to vehicles from explosives to make them easier to control and manage in a fight
  • Air Fighter weapon impulse reduced


  • NEW: Sonic boom – go check it out!
  • NEW: Evacuate sounds
  • NEW: Vehicle collision sounds


  • NEW: Frozen Lines (CTF & LCTF)
  • Deserted Sands: Complete overhaul to address various gameplay issues
  • Snowfall: Removed generators, cleaned up and remade all building areas to address issues – and there’s a surprise!
  • Brynhildr: Revised the base and added an inventory bunker to support Base CTF
  • Tolar: Overhauled the base area to better support Base CTF and to address issues with the old flag stand
  • Sunset Cove: Overhauled to better support Base CTF
  • Outpost99: Minor terrain revisions, added an inventory hut to better support Base CTF
  • Elite: Revised terrain and spawn to create better movement flow across the map
  • Minora: Minor optimizations
  • Added CTF-Sunset Cove
  • Added LCTF-Snowfall
  • DayHike has been temporarily removed and will be back soon

Major Bug Fixes

  • Clones are no longer created when dying on inventory stations
  • Motion Sensors were broken in a prior patch and were unable to detect players outside of 4m – this has been fixed

Server Administration

  • General availability of server rentals – read on for more details!
  • NEW: Added server option to limit destruction of generator and inventories while under certain player count (0 is default which always allows damage)
  • NEW: Added server option to enable or disable randomized teams (default is true which randomizes teams)

Dedicated Servers

After a brief pilot with a few dedicated server admins, renting dedicated servers is now generally available through our partner Head there now to rent your very own Midair server!

A Midair dedicated server gives you the ability to change the map list, admin list, game settings, and more so that you can control the experience for you and your friends or community. Have questions? Need help troubleshooting your new server? Check out the Midair Server Admin Discord channel here.

PAX West

We’re excited to announce that Midair is headed to PAX West! PAX is September 1st-4th in Seattle, WA and is the premier consumer gaming conference on the west coast. More details to come, but we’ll be exhibiting in the expo hall at the Washington State Convention Center throughout the show. Will you be there? Let us know!

A Note on the Release Schedule

As a quick note, we mentioned we’d discuss release schedule details (like the Closed Beta timing) and other updates in this dev log. However, were concerned that the dev log was long enough already and that it could get buried and readers would miss important information. So we’re going to post an additional blog devoted to our schedule within the next couple days. Stay tuned.

That’s all for now! See you next time.