Dev Log #26 – 1.0.4 Build Highlights and Patch Notes

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The community team is releasing build 1.0.4 with some content and quality of life updates that should improve your experience in Midair. PeTtY, jEstEr and hobb have worked hard to get this patch out, so tell them “Thank you” if you see them in a server!

Build Highlights

New Feature: Force to Team/Spectate

To help server admins manage servers for casual and organized play, server admins can now force someone to a team or to spectate. These new options are available to server admins in the player list menu.

Prototype Map Updates

Twilight Grove

Updated with steeper terrain and replaced flag stand with the one from Brynhildr. Flag to flag distance is 320m.


Replaced flag stand wheel with rock platform and moved them closer together. Flag to flag distance is 275m.

New Community Maps

The volunteer community team is releasing two new maps: Hazardous and HillRange. For more details read on.


Community map with bowl terrain and raised flag stand from Outpost99. Flag to flag distance is 380m. There’s no “walking it in” with this flag stand, you’ll need to work together.


Community map with rolling hills terrain and floating stand. Flag to flag distance is 360m. To the keen eye there are new routes to be found amongst the rolling hills between the floating flag bases.

QoL Updates

VVS Sorry

Added a team-only ‘Sorry’ to voice bind menu. Now you can apologize to those caught in your splash damage.

Dot Reticle larger

Larger version of the dot reticle has been added.

Bracket Reticle added

New bracket reticle has been added. Check out the design below.

1.0.4 Full Patch Notes


  • Server admins can force a player to switch teams or move to spectator
  • Team voice bind for ‘Sorry’ added as VVS
  • Dot reticle larger
  • Bracket reticle has been added


  • LCTF-TwilightGrove – Terrain replaced with higher hills, flag stand replaced, and spawn points adjusted
  • LCTF-Craters – Flag stand replaced and moved forward, spawn points adjusted
  • Added prototype map LCTF-Hazardous
  • Added prototype map LCTF-HillRange


  • Work has begun on reinstating the services API that supports several features in Midair
    • Dev tags will again be shown for developers who join a server
    • Stats are now being collected again but are not yet displayed in the client – this will come in a future release

Dev Log #24 – New Community Development Effort, 1.0.2 Patch Notes

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It’s been a while! There’s a few new developments with Midair (mostly good news!) and a slew of new changes in today’s patch. Let’s jump in.

New Community Development Effort

The kind folks over at have been long-time supporters of Midair. They’ve run tournaments both before and after launch, launched tools for fans, and hosted servers for the AUS region. A couple of months ago they approached us to contribute what they could toward Midair’s development and we’ve figured out a way for them to do that. Today’s patch is a mix of work from the remaining Archetype team and the community at (mostly them) to bring some new features, new content, and bug fixes/quality-of-life changes to Midair. We are super excited to have them working on new stuff for you all and look forward to seeing what they’ll come up with next.

Build Highlights

New Feature: Overtime

Server admins will now have the ability to enable overtime. By default this setting will be off. When enabled, if scores are tied at the end of end of normal playing time 5 extra minutes will be added to the timer. First team to cap in overtime will win the game.

New Prototype Maps


MiniTolar is a new community map based on a smaller version of Tolar with a small art pass.



Exposure is a new community map based on a smaller version of Hypothermia with a bit more art and reoriented bases.



Snarx is a new community map with a new flag stand concept.



DayFlare is everything you loved about NightFlare, but in the daytime!



ClusterRail is returning from retirement with some art updated/added.



WombatIsland is a new community map featuring rolling hills and a classic terrain style.


Map Quality-of-Life Updates

This build includes a few handfuls of QOL updates to maps, the UI, and more.

1.0.2 Full Patch Notes


  • Server admins will now have the ability to enable overtime (Default is OFF) – When enabled, if scores are tied at the end of end of normal playing time 5 extra minutes will be added to the timer and the first team to cap in overtime will win the game
  • In order to reduce upkeep costs, we’ve prepared the client to disable some Midair service features, affecting Match History and developer in-game tags
  • Removed Matchmaking UI element since this is no longer on the immediate roadmap


  • Added prototype map LCTF-Snarx
  • Added prototype map LCTF-MiniTolar
  • Added prototype map LCTF-WombatIsland
  • Added prototype map LCTF-Exposure
  • Added prototype map LCTF-DayFlare
  • Re-Added prototype map LCTF-ClusterRail
  • LCTF-Kryosis
    • Some spawn points adjusted to improve movement immediately after spawn
    • Front right spawn point moved up onto hill
  • LCTF-Outpost99
    • Fixed some spawn points that were facing odd directions
    • Moved some spawn points to improve movement immediately after spawn
  • LCTF-Brynhildr
    • Slightly lowered the rocks in the middle of the map to fix a map hole
    • Fixed a spawn point that was in the air on both teams
    • Closed off the CTF base
    • Added missing windows to the tower at the Blue base
    • Removed CTF Inventory stations
  • LCTF-Crashsite
    • OOB Grid extended
    • Spawn points adjusted
  • LCTF-Exhumed
    • Fixed a spawn point that was in the air
    • Rotated some spawn points to face the action
  • LCTF-SunsetCove
    • No longer sunset to improve visibility and encourage playing the map more often
    • Bases updated to modern art assets with a more open flag stand
  • LCTF-ClusterRail
    • Added back into rotation with an art pass
  • LCTF-SnowFall
    • Removed Base for Kryosis LCTF Stand
    • Removed Towers
  • LCTF-DayFlare
    • Lighter version of DayFlare
  • CTF-Reservoir
    • Fixed terrain hole that allowed players and flags to fall through the map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Players level on the main menu not updating

Dev Log #23 – Patch Notes, Midair’s Future

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Greetings Proxies,

We’ve been working on a patch that includes some new content, performance improvements, and fixes that is LIVE as of this post. Let’s take a look at what we’ve delivered this patch and stick around to the end to read up on where Midair development is at now that we’ve been in the market for several weeks.

Build Highlights

New Weapon: Sticky Launcher

The Sticky Launcher fires a four-round burst where each projectile can stick to a wall and detonates on its own timer. The player also has an option to hold the trigger down and let go to detonate all projectiles at the same time.

This is very useful for laying traps for enemies or explode bursts in the air to try and chip down pursuing enemies. The sticky projectiles can be destroyed if a certain amount of damage is done to them, giving cappers a chance to clear them if they’re used for stand defense.

The Sticky Launcher is a ton of fun and is now available in CTF, TDM, and Rabbit with a plethora of new skins. Owners of the Manaborn Game Pass will have the Sticky unlocked by default.

Brynhildr Visual Overhaul

Bryhildr is one of our most popular prototype maps and has been visually reworked and added to the official map rotation for CTF, LCTF, and Rabbit. We’ll let the visuals speak for themselves.

Performance Improvements

We’ve managed to improve FPS performance in larger player count scenarios. The performance changes and fixes seem to improve FPS by roughly 10-20% in early testing. More details on these improvements in the full patch notes below.

Movement Tutorial Interior Overhaul

We’ve updated the visuals and some gameplay elements in the movement tutorial interiors to better reflect our art style and make it easier for new players to navigate more difficult obstacles. Check out some examples of the changes below. Full Patch Notes


  • Increased size of text in a few areas and size of selection info widget
  • Increased size of profile widget at bottom right
  • Upped the distance for dynamic shadows to make it easier to gauge player distance from the terrain
  • Made the characters and weapons bigger in the Loadout Screen they more easily viewable
  • Changes to vote kick – no longer support vote ban, kick is a shorter temporary ban
  • Added server config options for the minimum players required to start a vote kick and the amount of time that a player will be kicked for
  • Added Sticky Launcher
    • Fires 4 consecutive shots as soon as player fires
    • Projectiles stick to whatever they hit including players and vehicles
    • Trigger can be held down to engage an 8 second timer, then release within that window to explode the projectiles (will auto-explode at end of timer)
    • When fired, projectiles have a 0.5s arming timer before they can be detonated
    • Projectiles are destructible and have 220 health
    • Each sticky projectile deals 100 damage that can stack with others, but there is a sharp explosion radius fall-off relative to the Ring Launcher or Grenade Launcher


  • Fixed a bug that was causing chaingun bullets to linger in the air if they did not hit the ground
  • Reduced UMG visibility binding costs by first checking for visibility in functions that are most expensive
  • Character animation calculations simplified when character isn’t rendered
  • Main menu widget bindings are no longer evaluated when not shown
  • Character IK should no longer run when they’re seated in a vehicle
  • Stopped character mesh from updating its transform multiple times in a single tick
  • Unrendered characters’ bones aren’t updated
  • At low effects detail level, certain emitters are disabled making the explosion a less complex effect

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed loadout list incorrectly warning users that items in the loadout were locked
  • Fixed floating spawns on CTF-Outpost99
  • Adjusted the Kryosis front left spawn
  • Attempted to fix a hang on load issue
  • Fixed issue where mapvote was skipped if match ended via RconEndMatch without override map set
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the console to stay closed during pauses
  • Fixed problems with map voting relating to false UI information


  • Brynhildr art overhaul
  • Changed the material for the Desert terrain to add some visual differentiation
  • Updated terrain on HowlingSpires
  • Full overhaul of Movement tutorial interiors
  • Outpost99 – removed the old Prototype Map tag from loading screen
  • Brynhildr – Updated loading screen
  • Movement Tutorial – Updated loading screen
  • Added a red OOB grid to Orbital to better communicate map boundaries
  • Added TDM-Reservoir and LCTF-Reservoir

A Note on Midair’s Future

Hey everyone – Chris here.

When we set out to build Midair we had a vision for the future of the jetpack shooter/FPS-Z genre. We partnered with you, the community to do our best to make that a reality. We committed to delivering a product that we could be proud of that pushed the genre forward while introducing freedom of movement to another generation of gamers. Using mostly volunteer resources and a extremely small budget relative to other FPS titles we released Midair into a heavily competitive FPS market with heavy hitters like Overwatch, Fortnite, and PUBG. We also had some release-day/week issues we didn’t catch in testing that took the wind out of our launch sails. But even when those issues were resolved, there were lingering fundamental issues that made it difficult for new players and other key market segments to get into and adapt to Midair’s gameplay. On paper Midair shouldn’t have gone as far as it did, but through the determination of the team and the support of you, the community, we’ve managed to release something that we’re proud of that is a lot of fun.

After a month of being in the market Midair has seen a pretty steep decline in concurrent player counts. There’s no denying that this is not what we or you were hoping for. The unfortunate reality is that the current player counts are not enough to sustain full time development on Midair with paid employees or contractors. We’ve already begun slimming down our team and spend on Midair development, and we are still figuring out a path forward on further production. What we do know is that scope and speed of development are going to be significantly reduced in the short term and the team composition will be switching to fully volunteer-based.

The good news is several developers on the team have already committed to maintaining and improving Midair going forward. We’re also inviting the community to volunteer their time and energy in helping to keep Midair updated for players who want to enjoy the game long-term. If you are interested in volunteering your skills and time, please reach out to us at [email protected]

In the immediate future we’ll be focusing on getting any remaining content we were working on out the door, particularly our rewards for Kickstarter backers. More info on this as we have it.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in this journey and we hope you continue to enjoy Midair for a long time despite the slower pace of development.


Dev Log #22 – Hotfix 1.0.1 Patch Notes and Looking Ahead

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Greetings Proxies!

This is our first Dev Log since release and we wanted to give you a look ahead at what we’re going to be working on and drop the latest hotfix patch notes for your consideration.

Release and Looking Ahead

A week after release we’ve been excited to see so many people loving the gameplay in Midair. We’ve also seen a lot of players running into consistent UX issues and painful bugs that need to be addressed. On day 1 we had issues with server stability and unlock issues. We issued an immediate hotfix and were able to remedy the server crashing in particular. This hotfix did not, however, fix all of the issues with the unlock system – we’ll chat about that in a minute. After the stability issues were nailed down, we were able to better gather feedback and listen to both the praises and criticism regarding our user experience and Midair’s gameplay. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on in the immediate future based on your feedback:

  1. User Interface Improvements – You’ve told us that the interface for interacting with the game is not good enough. You’ve been heard. We’re on it. In particular we’ll be focusing on the loadouts screen which is causing a lot of pain for users. Our aim will be to simplify the interface and make more obvious what gametype restrictions are and how they impact your loadout. We’ll start with some quicker improvements and work our way to a larger redesign in the future.
  2. The Tutorial Isn’t Doing Enough – We’ve seen players struggling with the tutorial. Particularly, we’ve seen areas where our instructions can even be counter-intuitive to the best and easiest way to play. We’ll be working on communicating the information players need to be successful in better ways that make more sense to new players.
  3. The Movement Needs Work – While we’ve spent a good amount of time making the core of the physics feel good, for many new players in particular it’s very difficult to get up and running fast. Veterans of jetpack shooters tend to be the quickest to adapt to the new movement in Midair, but we can all agree that we need plenty of new players having fun early on to keep Midair healthy. In addition, there are some issues with the movement at the high-end of gameplay where players are able to go a little too far with some of their routes that take advantage of some of the imperfections in the movement system. We’ll be taking a look at these as well.
  4. We Need More Options to Moderate Players and Servers – There are admins patrolling the servers who are also available on Discord, but it’s not enough to stop griefing and hacking all the time. We’ll soon be giving you the tools to deal with troublesome players including muting particularly talkative ones. We’re also examining solutions to start combating hackers as well.

We’ll be getting to work on these quickly, so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s jump into the Hotfix Highlights.

Hotfix Highlights

Here are some of the improvements and fixes we’re making in the 1.0.1 hotfix.

Unlock/Skill Points Bug Fix

Players have been running into issues with our unlock system not awarding unlocks they’ve chosen while also removing their skill points. The good news for these players is your progression is not lost and we believe we’ve solved the issues underlying the problem. You should be able to jump in and unlock everything you need with all of your skill points immediately as soon as the hotfix is live.

Vote Kick and Ban

We’ve added the ability for you to vote kick players who are griefing, have questionable names, or are hacking. Improvements will be coming to the Vote Kick feature but for now, you can vote kick players by heading to the Player List menu.

Escape the Escape Menu

We fixed a particularly annoying bug that caused the Escape menu to stack on top of itself instead of closing when ESC was pressed after opening the menu. This will just close the dialog now.

Deployables and Vehicles on Flags

Deployables and vehicles can no longer be placed or parked directly on flags. Deployables should simply not deploy and vehicles will start taking damage.

Toggle Skate

Toggle Skate is now available in the Controls menu under “Main” to make what was a hidden configuration file setting more accessible by players who don’t poke around in that stuff.

Quick Tutorials Update

We saw players running into issues with tutorials so we’re going to test opening up the level requirements associated with them. This means anyone can skip the tutorial if they’d like and jump straight into a server. For now this will fast-track anyone to level 3 if they join a server directly after launching the game as a new player.

Alt-Tab Hang

We think we fixed the issue players were having with alt-tabbing hanging their game. Please let us know if you still encounter this!

Thank you to Katabatic for helping us track down a fix for this issue.

1.0.1 Hotfix Patch Notes

Note: These also include some line items from the day 1 hotfix.


  • Increased temporary ban timer on Official servers to 48 hours
  • Improved server stability and performance
  • Added vote kick/ban
  • Deployables can no longer be deployed on flags and Vehicles take massive damage when near flagstands
  • Toggle skate is now accessible on the main section of the Controls menu
  • Updated instructions to the movement tutorial that teaches players about horizontal jets by jetting around a wall
  • Removed the level 3 requirement for playing multiplayer (for now, players will be fast-tracked to level 3 if they join a server)

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced game volume by 50% when unfocused as a potential fix for the alt+tab hang
  • Fixed some serious unlock issues that resulted in players not being able to unlock anything while still spending skill points (no progression was lost)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Escape Menu to stack on top of itself instead of closing when Escape was pressed after opening the menu
  • Fixed holes in the terrain near the base on Iratus
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the sprays menu to show no scrollbar
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the red notification icon to show over the Customization tab

Dev Log #21 – Build 0.32.0 Highlights, Patch Notes, and More!

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Welcome to Dev Log #21, Proxies!

As usual, we have a TON of fresh changes to discuss and plenty of animated GIFs showing them off. The 0.32.0 update is LIVE as soon as you see this blog.

Build Highlights

New Skins, Jet Trails, Voice Packs, and Sprays!

We’ve spent a lot of time adding a ton of new cosmetics, including new weapon and armor skins. In addition, we have now introduced jet trails, voice packs, and sprays! Check out the details below.

Sprays are used by pressing Q as default. We have a lot of fun ones and some things like flags so you can represent your country with style! Equip both Sprays and Voice Packs in the “Voice & Spray” section of the Customize menu.

In general we want you to find all of the great skins we have through the chests and sales in the Store, but for now here’s a peek of a brand new Legendary skin coming soon that is using the Orange Pixel Jet Trail!

Loot Chests and Item Rarity

Basic and Gold Chests are now unlockable by progressing through the leveling system, participating in promotions, and events or other activities in the game. Each chest will award multiple cosmetics of varying rarities depending on their type.

  • Basic Chest: 2 cosmetic unlocks with a chance to get Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary rarity items
  • Gold Chest: 3 cosmetic unlocks with a 100% chance to get at least a Rare item and a much higher chance to get a Legendary item

Here’s how the rarity system breaks down:

  • Common: Cool cosmetics including sprays and weapon skins that you are most likely to get when opening Loot Chests
  • Uncommon: Even cooler sprays, weapon, and armor skins but they’re a bit more rare than Common cosmetics
  • Rare: Voice packs, jet trails, and higher quality weapon skins and armor skins
  • Legendary: Complete reworks of weapons and armors (will eventually contain some very impressive jet trails and voice packs)

The Item Store and Inventory on Steam

Now live this build is the Midair Item Store on Steam! We’ll be rotating skins in and out of the store so keep your eye on it to grab that skin you’ve always wanted or to see the latest content as we add it to the game. The item images themselves should be updated before release, but the best place to check out the appearance of your cosmetics is always in-game.

Anything you purchase, unlock, or earn will now be visible in your Steam Inventory page. This means you can take your progress with you wherever you log in to play Midair or check out new cosmetics you’ve earned or purchased. If you ever feel the need to buy cosmetics you see in your Loadout Screen, it’s easy to go straight to that page in the store. Note: Some of the item icons are currently in flux but will all be in on release. If you see any missing or wrong icons, please report them to us!

XP, Level, and Skill Point Overhaul

In preparation for release, we overhauled the XP, leveling, and skill point systems to be closer to the final version. Here are some of the major elements that have changed:

XP and Levels

We mentioned for a while that the level cap would be increasing beyond the first 50 levels we introduced originally. In 0.32.0 the level cap is now 200 (up from 50) with the gameplay-related unlocks maxing out at level 60. We’ve also changed the rate levels are earned by adjusting the XP needed. The result is that you will gain levels a bit faster, there are just more of them with more levels of rewards. Players are also now required to complete the two Tutorial missions before playing in a server. In addition, the Grenade Launcher and the Kinetic Pack with Boost are now the first two unlocks that are available to help players learn how to use the system and understand the importance of Packs.

Manaborn Game Pass (Formerly “Progression Pass”)

The Progression Pass is now called the Manaborn Game Pass! We’ve also changed how its function works to accommodate the new progression system and improve the user experience for purchasers of the pass. A button now exists at the top of your Unlocks screen that allows you to either Buy or Use the Game Pass depending on if you own it or not. When you use the pass, it will unlock all gameplay unlocks (this currently takes up to several seconds to visually show the change). You can now only use this ONE time and activating it will be permanent. You can also only use this while NOT in a server or the tutorials.

In addition, the Game Pass is now detached from the leveling system. This means if you use the Game Pass at level 1, you will stay at level 1 but will have all of the gameplay unlocks available. The reason for this change is to let players unlock all of the chests at the early levels along with everyone else. Previously this would start players at level 50 where it took longer to progress through each level. In the future we’ll have an indicator that shows when players in your game have used the progression pass so you can identify players will all of the unlocks.

Skill Points and Gameplay Unlocks

Gameplay unlocks now require different amounts of skill points to unlock depending on their type to better indicate their value to players and give more options when unlocking:

  • 3 Points: Weapons, Armors, Packs, and Vehicles
  • 2 Points: Throwable Items, Primary Augments, and most Deployables
  • 1 Point: Secondary Augments, and more niche Deployables

The Skills tree received a small visual pass and a quick re-arrangement for Engineer as well (read on for more details about Engineer changes).

Level Rewards

We’ve modified how skills work, so each level will grant between 0 and 2 skill points (mostly 1 and 2) to accommodate these changes. In addition, we’ve added Loot Chests that will be awarded every other level starting at level 4 (the first level after the tutorial). If a level awards you 0 skill points, this for sure means you’re getting a rare Gold Chest that level.

Scoring Overhaul

We’ve taken a pass at our scoring system to better reward players for their contributions in each gametype. The scoring changes are numerous and include a new HUD UI element (toggleable in the new settings menu Game tab) that informs you every time you do something of value.

Here are some of the highlights from the scoring changes, all of which are subject to change after we see how it feels (this is a long list):

  • Score values have been increased quite a bit – before we were using single or double-digit values for scoring but we’ve added a couple digits to give us more fine-grained control over scoring
  • Flag Captures are now 1500
  • NEW: Flag Grabs are now 25
  • Flag Returns are now 100
  • Player Damage that leads to a kill is between 10 and 90 points
  • Last Hits on a kill are worth 10 (stacks with player damage points)
  • Assists on a kill are worth (stacks with player damage points)
  • Damaging the Flag Carrier when it leads to a kill is between 20 and 130 points
  • The killing blow on a Flag Carrier is 20 (stacks with player damage points)
  • An assist in killing the Flag Carrier is worth 10 (stacks with player damage points)
  • Destroying an Inventory Station is worth 75
  • Destroying a Base Sensor or Base Turret is worth 150
  • Destroying a Generator is worth 250
  • Destroying Deployable Inventory, Sensor, or Turret is worth 50
  • Damaging a vehicle that leads to a kill is worth between 10 and 90 points
  • Last Hits on a Vehicle are worth 10 (stacks with vehicle damage points)
  • Assists on a Vehicle are worth 5 (stacks with vehicle damage points)
  • Vehicle passengers killed because of your last hit are worth 50 each (stacks with Vehicle Last Hits/Assists and Vehicle Damage, but extra Player damage is NOT applied)
  • Vehicle passengers killed because of your assist are worth 20 each (stacks with Vehicle Last Hits/Assists and Vehicle Damage, but extra Player damage is NOT applied)
  • If you are piloting a vehicle and one of your gunners gets a kill, you will get 75 points
  • Enemies killed within a period of time after being sensed by you or your deployable sensors (aka “Sense Assists”) are worth 10
  • When teammates use deployable inventories you’ve deployed, you earn 20 points
  • Repairing assets is worth 10 per second
  • Damaging Teammates is worth -5 points every 25 HP
  • Teamkills are worth -20 (stacks with Team damage)

With all of these changes we’re hoping that more of the roles that are important in the game will get more time to shine and be rewarded for their efforts in roles outside of flag play and killing.

Engineer Rework

The Engineer has been reworked to add more variety to the role so players can choose more about the style of Engineer they want to play. We’ve added several augments as part of this rework, so let’s get into it.


The Engineer pack now has one fewer charge than before for each armor. This means the Light Armor now has 1 charge (was 2), Medium Armor has 2 charges (was 3), and the Heavy Armor now has 3 charges (was 4). This change was made to better balance the augments we’re introducing this patch and provide more decision-making to Engineers as they determine how to adjust their play styles and strategies.

Charge Regen (Primary – Passive)

The Charge Regen primary augment is largely staying the same, although you’ll see it’s less useful in all situations now as we get into more of the available augments.

+1 Charge (Primary – Passive)

Engineers can choose to have one extra charge to deploy more or additional types of deployables. If you want to deploy turrets in Light Armor or an inventory station in Medium Armor, you’ll need this augment. This augment is primary, so it’s competing with the Charge Regen. Do you choose versatility or in-field sustainability?

Charge Pickup (Secondary – Passive)

The first of the two secondary augments is Charge Pickup. Using this augment will give two Engineer charges every time the user picks up an ammo nugget from the ground.

Engineer Tool (Secondary – Passive/Active)

In this build we’re also introducing the Engineer Tool which is an Engineer-equippable Repair Tool. Currently this is an exact copy of the existing Repair Tool in the Repair Pack but it will soon be differentiated. Press your Pack button once to see your Engineer’s deployer menu, then press it again to pull out the Engineer Tool (or press the Engineer tool button in the menu).

Updated Visuals: Tank Projectile, Vehicle Pad, and Rabbit Flag Stand

We think these visual upgrades are pretty cool so here are a few screenshots of the new artwork!

New Tank Projectile Effects

New Vehicle Pad

New Rabbit Flag Stand

Go take a look in-game and let us know what you think!

New Loading Screen Functionality

As a quick note, we’ve added a new loading screen that you’ll need to click on to move through to the map. If you stay on that screen for too long the server will stop you from joining and require you connect again.

0.32.0 Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes for Build 0.32.0, available NOW.


  • Scoring Overhaul (See Build Highlights)
  • Progression System Overhaul
    • Gameplay levels have been expanded to a maximum of 200 (up from ~42)
    • Experience requirements per level have been adjusted across the board
    • Unlocks now require different amounts of skill points to better convey their value and allow us more fine-grained control over progression (Armors, Weapons, Packs, Vehicles are 3; Items, Primary Augments are 2; Secondary Augments, Weapon Slots are 1)
    • Levels now reward variable numbers of skill points
    • The first two levels and first set of skill points earned now must be spent in a specific order (Grenade Launcher then Kinetic Pack) to help convey important gameplay info like Packs
    • The Kinetic Pack bonus unlock has been changed from Energy Regen to Boost since Boost is a more easily conveyed concept to new players
    • Players now earn XP after 5 minutes of gameplay instead of 10
  • Unlocks System Overhaul
    • Progression is now connected to Steam Inventory
    • Progression pass available for players who have bought the game before release – players can choose to use this or not, but using it is permanent
    • Players are now required to complete the Movement and Shooting tutorials in order to achieve Level 3
    • Servers tab is now locked for players below Level 3
    • Vehicle unlock nodes are now diamonds
    • Increased the size of the Pack unlock nodes to better indicate their importance and hierarchy
    • Changed the Weapon Slot unlock nodes to have the same shape as the Armor unlocks (a shield shape)
    • When jumping to the Unlocks screen after pressing the lock icon or “Unlock” button in the Loadouts screen, a button will show letting you quickly jump back to your loadout
    • Give All, Give 500, and Give Level buttons removed
    • General visual changes to the Unlocks screen
  • Made the spam filter more aggressive
  • Kill Star Rating system tweaked
    • Ring Launcher kills should now give more stars than before
    • Chaingun now awards up to 2 stars based on distance
  • The appearance tab now has two sections: Skin and Jet FX
  • Added loading screen that requires player input to continue into the map
    • Little moving proxies in the bottom right indicate loading
  • Added Loot button to main menu where players can open chests
  • Added chests that can contain skins for weapons, skins for armors, sprays, jet trails, and voice packs
    • Currently obtained through levels only
    • Two chest types: Basic and Gold
  • Added lots of new weapon and armor skins across all rarities – go unlock chests and keep an eye on the store!
  • Renamed White and Midnight skins to Alabaster and Obsidian
  • Each cosmetic section now has its own scrollbar instead of one huge one
  • Added Steam Store Functionality and added a Store button to the main menu
  • Adjusted jet trail positioning for all armor types
  • Updated tool tips for vehicles in the progression menu
  • Updated the intro message players receive when starting the game and arriving at the menus
  • Player IFFs no longer get cut off when on the top edge of the screen
  • Scoreboard now shows map name and server information in the top left of the screen
  • Added TDM to leaderboard
  • Added TDM to match history
  • Added Sprays, now equippable from the “Voice & Spray” menu under “Customize”
  • Added a “Game” settings tab where we’ll be putting game settings like disabling the score text or changing how your spectator cam behaves
  • Made the Unlock button in the progression tree a darker shade of grey to make it easier to read

Gameplay, Weapons, and Items

  • Engineer Pack Rework
    • Adjusted default maximum charge for each armor: Light=1; Medium=2; Heavy=3
    • Added Primary Augments: Charge Regen and +1 Charge
      • Charge Regen allows players to regenerate their charges
      • +1 Charge adds an engineer charge to the maximum for your selected armor
    • Added Secondary Augments: Charge Pickup and Engineer Tool
      • Charge Pickup replenishes 2 charges when a player picks up an ammo capsule from a dead player
      • Engineer Tool allows the player to have a repair tool in their loadout for repairing friendly assets
  • Bomber Changes
    • Main cannon projectile speed increased 10% from 4000 to 4400
    • Minimum damage increased 100% from 25 to 50
    • Added bloom of 1.0 on the tail gun
    • Tail gun fire rate increased 20% from 0.15 to 0.12
  • Increased Boost cooldown from 1s to 6s to make it a little less useful in all situations
  • Increased lifetime of ammo capsules on the ground ~17% from 30s to 35s to make them more useful for Engineer Charge Pickup
  • Removed Invisibility augment from Medium armor
  • Blaster changes
    • Improved the feel of single-shot fire
    • Single-shot damage reduced 14% from 35 to 30 (charged burst remains the same)
    • Single-shot bolt projectile size increased from 0 to 2.0 meaning it now has a cross-section that can hit targets, making it easier to hit players
    • Charged-shot bolt projectile size increased from 0 to 3.0 making it 50% bigger than the single-shot projectile
    • Charged Blaster bolt damage increased 5.5% from 18 to 19 (max damage of 190 instead of 180)
    • Charged Blaster bolt radius increased 66% from 3 to 5 to make each shot more likely to hit its target
    • Charge time per shot decreased 25% from 0.2 per shot to 0.15 per shot
    • Decreased fire interval 20% from 0.15 to 0.12
  • Railgun balance changes
    • Railgun initial projectile speed reduced 25% from 2000m/s to 1500m/s
    • Weaponry augment energy reduction bonus reduced 40% from 25% to 15%
  • Adjusted Mortar Projectile effects to be more consistent in its visuals when hitting targets
  • Adjusted Grenade Launcher explosion effects to appear closer to gameplay reality
  • Adjusted Ring Launcher explosion effects to appear closer to gameplay reality


  • Added new sounds to the Repair Gun for “turn on” and “turn off”
  • Added new sound for picking up the Repair Gun from walls
  • Added voice packs (unlock these through chests or purchase in the store!)
  • Added sounds to the Motion Sensor: deploy, activity detected, and idle
  • Cleaned up reload sounds for the Chaingun
  • Adjusted sounds for the Concussion Grenade
  • Added sounds to most UI buttons
  • Added new ambient music to the main menu
  • Updated sounds for the logo intro when starting the game
  • Removed an unintentional sound that was playing at the end of the intro movie

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the death camera to affect players’ spawn orientation
  • Fixed a bug that was causing servers to default to the first map in the voting list instead of choosing a random map if no one voted
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an empty hand to stick out in front of a player if the first slot in their loadout was empty
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Warden animations to not play on other players’ screens
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Repair Gun to damage unoccupied vehicles
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the weapon switch sound to play twice over itself
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing players to select boost or blink augments in their loadouts for LCTF
  • Fixed a bug that caused the warden audio to cut out when targeting a player
  • Fixed a bug that allowed deployable inventories to become invincible in TDM
  • Fixed a bug causing end match voting to show the wrong text in the title
  • Fixed the Light Armor “Midnight” skin having white arms in first person
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to be randomized onto teams in Rabbit
  • Possibly fixed an issue that was causing servers to hang, leaving players stuck at the loading screen – please report this if you see it!
  • Fixed the “Official Server” star designation in the server browser so it should no longer be inconsistent


  • Fixed an invisible bump in the HowlingSpires vehicle hangar
  • Updated the splash screens for Elite, Iratus, and DesertedSands
  • Fixed a floating spawn point on Kryosis
  • CTF-Reservoir
    • Fixed 2 small terrain holes near flagstands
    • Fixed an invisible collision bump on the Blue side flagstand
  • Brightened the lighting on AR-ReactorCore
  • Removed collision on the Orbital beams
  • Updated the visuals of the Rabbit platform
  • Updated the visuals for the vehicle pad
  • Fixed 3 bad spawn points on Crashsite that were rendering players unable to spawn


  • Added ammo pickups to the Shooting tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the door on the shooting tutorial was opening when the first section was left incomplete

To Our Testers…

We wanted to throw out a sincere THANK YOU to our Private Testers for their help over the last few months. They’ve been showing up after work or school and helping us rigorously test our game. Sometimes things slip through the cracks but they help catch 99% of the issues that crop up during development and we couldn’t be more thankful that we have them helping out during the production of Midair. This last build in particular was a huge rework of a lot of systems to get the Steam Inventory Service and a lot more in the game, and they helped troubleshoot and catch a ton of issues. Some testers put in dozens of hours per week to make sure everything works great. If you see a tester, thank them for helping out!

If you’re interested in helping out as a Private Tester, please reach out to Sin or Jon Osc on Discord!

Midair Free-to-Play Release Date: May 3rd


Greetings Proxies!

Today we are happy to announce the official Midair Free-to-Play release date:

Thursday, May 3rd

Midair has come a long way from its Kickstarter campaign, and in two weeks we’ll be releasing it to the world as a free-to-play title! We’re hard at work adding as many features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes as we can to get the game to its v1.0 state. You’ll likely see a couple builds between now and then with the first including many of the major features we need for release, and a second focusing primarily on bug fixing.

We need your help!

This is a big moment for Midair and you all as well. You’re here now because you’ve supported us in the ways that you can and it’s been a big help. This is the time where we need a big push from all of you to get as many players as you can in and playing for release. We’ll be pushing hard as well to get the word out and we’re also working on ways to reward you for your help, so keep an eye on the blog for more details.

Upcoming Build Teaser

It’s been a while since our last dev log, so before we sign off, here’s a quick teaser of something neat coming in the next build: Jet Trails!

There are plenty more updates to show, but we’ll leave that information for the coming dev log!

Dev Log #20 – Build 0.31.0 Highlights, Patch Notes, and More!

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Proxies, we are moving quickly toward our release target and with this major update comes a host of great content and improvements. Midair is really coming together and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of the process. Your feedback and the efforts of the private test group have been invaluable in getting us to the place we are now, where we’ll be at release, and where we’ll go post-launch.

From the Archetype Team to you: Thank you.

Now let’s dive in.

Team Update

If you see community member Sin loitering around Discord with a red name and a “Developer” tag, please report him to a nearby moderator. Actually wait…don’t. We need him. He’s our new QA Manager who now operates along side Jon Osc (Immie [can you stop changing your name please?]).

Build Highlights

We’ve got plenty of new features and content for you to sink your teeth into. Here’s a look into the new content now available in Build 0.31.0.

Autumnal Returns as Orbital

If you’re familiar with our Arena gametype, you’re probably remembering the map Autumnal left us last build. Well it’s returning in a big way in 0.31.0. We’ve given it a complete art overhaul and now it has a new name: Orbital. Let’s take a look at this amazing map which is staged between the clouds and outer atmosphere on a giant space elevator.

This open-air arena features an array of rooms, structures, and catwalks that can be used in different ways to control the map.

After suiting up, head out the back to take a defensive posture, quickly run through the front for a frontal assault, or sneakily head down to the lower level and mount a surprise attack from below.

We’re really excited about this map and hope to get some good feedback from you on how it plays.

New Weapon: The WARDEN

The WARDEN is an energy-based weapon that locks on to close targets and drains them of their shields and energy while slowly doing damage. It was initially a tool used during early experiments on mana-based proxy soldiers in order to keep errant proxies in line, but was found to be useful on the battlefield as well. While it’s not very useful at securing kills on its own, it is a valuable tool for controlling the flow of a fight during critical moments.

Armor and Weapon Skins Have Arrived!

We’re super excited to introduce Armor and Weapon Skins in this build. Like REALLY excited. The skins look great and we think you’ll like them too. You can equip a different set of skins for each loadout using the new Appearance button above the character and weapon models.

We’re releasing 5 skins per weapon and 2 skins per armor as limited test of the system. Eventually we’ll be moving these skins back behind the Steam Store and Steam Inventory, but for now enjoy mixing and matching to your heart’s content. Here’s how they look in action:

The first skins available for release are as follows…

Armor Skins

  • White
  • Midnight

Weapon Skins

  • Blood
  • Bronze
  • Camo
  • Danger
  • Midnight

The names are subject to (and likely will) change. Have cool skin ideas? Post in Discord!

Team Deathmatch

This build is the build that keeps on giving. Welcome to Team Deathmatch (TDM) folks. We’re releasing this game mode as a more straight-forward way for new players to get acquainted with the game before jumping into a full-fledged CTF game. Jump in and kill and spawn and kill and spawn and kill and spawn. First to 50 wins the game (configurable via the server admin config settings). We also plan to use this as a warm-up mode for matchmaking in the future, so expect to see a lot more TDM!

The first maps available for Team Deathmatch are:

  • TDM-Crashsite
  • TDM-Minora
  • TDM-Orbital
  • TDM-Outpost

As a quick note, there are likely some gameplay issues with this first draft, so let us know how you think it should change.

New Blaster Feature: Charged Burst

The Blaster can now be charged by holding down and releasing the fire button, which expels a flurry of blaster bolts (up to a max of 10) that can quickly chew through enemies. Each charged blaster bolt does less damage than a single-shot bolt, but what it lacks in quality it makes up for in quantity.


Death Cam

Ever wonder what the person who killed you was doing immediately after they struck the final blow? Look no further than the death cam.

We’re aware of some balance issues with this first pass but expect to resolve them soon.

Sound Pass

With each build we’re adding new content and the sounds that come with that content, but we’re also improving the audio feel of the game. To this extent, in 0.31.0 new ambient sounds have been added to CTF-Reservoir, CTF-Tenebris, and LCTF-Kryosis and brand new sounds have been made for the Water and Sentinel turrets. There are a few other improvements here and there as well.

New Invisibility and Repair Effects

We’ve done a new pass on the Invisibility Stealth augment and the Repair Tool. They look a lot better, check them out:

Engineer Charge Pickups

As the beginning step for an expansion and rework of the Engineer pack, we’re introducing a new feature that allows an Engineer to gain Engineer charges while picking up dropped ammo capsules. The Charge Regen augment recharge rate has been decreased (meaning it’s slower) by about 11% (roughly 1 additional second per charge) to help offset the impact of the new feature while we continue to work on the expanded Engineer pack.

Server Performance Fixes

We discovered about halfway through this build cycle that there were serious server performance issues related to the Dedicated Server build. Essentially a UE4 bug was causing our server process to constantly max out an entire core of the CPU at 100%. This likely took the form of increased or regular instances of lag spikes on every server. In order to immediately respond to the issue we shut down roughly half of our official servers to help lighten the load. In this build we are releasing a fix for this issue which should improve or eliminate player lag attributed to this issue over the last month or so. When you’re playing, please take note if the lag issues continue to happen or if they are resolved after this build.

0.31.0 Patch Notes


  • Added a new game mode: Team Deathmatch (TDM)
  • Added new Repair Effects
  • Added new Cloak Effects
  • Added new Death Camera
  • Server-side demos have been fixed so if you know the right server admin you can get a demo to play back for your montage!
  • Tank Balance Pass
    • Increased the power of the tank thrusters to make it more agile
    • Modified handling a bit to help the tank better handle the increased speed
    • Increased the downward angle the tank can fire at to help with dealing with close-range targets
  • Engineer Pack has been modified as a first step to further expansion and balance tweaks:
    • Ammo pickups now give a charge to Engineers
    • Reduced Engineer Charge Regen rate by 1 second per charge (now 10s for a single charge instead of 9s)
  • Reduced energy cost of the Blink augment by 25% from 40 to 30 to continue to improve its viability
  • Increased FOVs in the Tailgunner and Bombardier seats of the Bomber
  • Added weapon skins (Blood, Bronze, Camo, Danger, Midnight) for all weapons
  • Added armor skins (White, Midnight) for all armors
  • Increased Base CTF base spawn timer 20% from 5 to 6 seconds
  • New Customize menu within the UI containing Loadouts and Progression sub-menus
  • The “Give All” button in the Progression UI now unlocks everything instead of just giving max level
  • Added 3rd person flag catch animation


  • Added new weapon: WARDEN which drains the targets energy and does a small amount of damage
  • Blaster now has a charge-up mechanic that allows it to fire similarly to a shotgun
  • Missile Launcher balance changes to try and increase its viability while also keeping it manageable to deal with:
    • Missile Launcher damage increased from 120 to 160
    • Missiles are now possible to shoot down
    • Heat is now generated and lost more slowly across all armor types making it slower to reach the lock threshold and slower to leave it
    • Increased max speed of the Missile projectile by 16% help it catch fast targets
  • Ring Launcher now does extra damage to all vehicles compared to before
  • Mortar now does extra damage to air vehicles and the tank compared to before
  • Reduced Chaingun bloom slightly to make it more effective against longer-range targets which is currently more common in Base CTF
  • Sightly increased speed of Mortar projectile
  • Slightly increased speed of Tank Shell projectile 
  • Reduced Repair Gun’s damage to enemies from 100% to 80% of repair rate
  • Increased arming time of Concussion Grenades by 33% from 1.5s to 2.0s to make it less oppressive/consistent
  • Increased visual effect of the Concussion Grenade to better represent actual explosion radius
  • Reduced camera shake when hit by air fighter projectile
  • Reduced the impulse from the Mortar Shell explosion by 44% to reign in the bouncing around effect it has on players and flags


  • Added ambient sound to LCTF-Kryosis
  • Added ambient sound to CTF-Tenebris
  • Added ambient sound to CTF-Reservoir
  • Deployable Water and Sentinel Turrets now have custom sounds
  • Added sounds for leveling up
  • Added new Grenade Launcher reload sounds
  • Added door sounds to the shooting tutorial


  • Optimized LODs for deployables
  • Optimized LODs for base assets
  • Added particle LODs for: Ring Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Concussion Grenade, EMP Grenade, and Mortar Effects
  • We discovered a significant performance issue related to the chaingun and have deployed a partial fix – full fix coming soon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when players would try to pickup a pickup which didn’t exist
  • Fixed a bug that caused deployable turrets to fire at a slower rate than intended
  • Fixed an issue where missiles were unable to be shot down
  • Fixed a bug that allowed all deployables to be placed on water


  • Added a new map: AR-Orbital (rework of AR-Atumnal)
  • Reworked the base and flag stand on LCTF-Elite
  • Reworked large portions of the terrain on CTF-Iratus
  • Added TDM-Minora, TDM-Crashsite, TDM-Outpost99, and TDM-Orbital

Official Servers

  • Added several servers back now that the CPU usage issue has been fixed
  • Converted some official servers to only play TDM maps

Server Admins

  • TDM CPanel settings and their defaults coming soon:
    • Winning Score=50
    • Match Length=1500
    • Post Match Length=20
    • Warmup Length=30
    • Min Players To Start=2
  • Make sure you are keeping your MapList.ini up to date with map changes as maps or game modes are added, removed or renamed. For example, make sure you add AR-Orbital back into your arena rotation and make sure the previous name AR-Autumnal has been removed.
  • Also, be sure to add some or all of the TDM supported maps to your MapList.ini if you want players to be able to vote that game type on your server. Supported maps are:
    • TDM-Minora
    • TDM-Crashsite
    • TDM-Outpost99
    • TDM-Orbital

Known Issues

  • BUG: In TDM the Engineer can deploy invincible deployable inventories
  • BUG: There are two “Midnight” skins for the Ring Launcher

On The Horizon…

We’re going to have an increased rate of updates coming out between now and release that will be adding new features to help our new player experience, add polish to some sorely needed areas, and improve performance. To better support this, we’re shifting gears a bit away from content production and toward these final goals. We’ll still be releasing new content, just a little less of it than the past few builds. Once we get beyond release, we’ll swing back into content generation mode!

This next month is going to be fun and exciting, so we hope you’ll join us for the ride! Jump in the game and start a pub or join a PUG on Discord. Let’s get some blood flowing and features tested as we head out of Early Access and into Midair’s 1.0 release. This is a great opportunity to make a big impact on the game before it hits the world in a big way.

Enjoy the 0.31.0 patch and we’ll see you in Midair!

Dev Log #19 – Build 0.30.0 Highlights, Patch Notes, and Release Update

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Hello Proxies!

Today is a new day and with a new day comes a new build with new features and content. In Dev Log #19 we’ll run through the highlights in build 0.30.0, full patch notes, and discuss updates to our upcoming release schedule. There’s lots to discuss including the addition of version 1 of our progression system, a beautiful new makeover of CTF-Dam, CTF changes, and plenty more.

Oh, and if you missed it, you should check out the full stream with play-by-play commentary from the Bring Your Own 5 LCTF Tournament from last week. It was a lot of fun to watch and there’s some great high-level competitive play showcased, especially during the final matches. Congratulations to Tribes+ for their hard-fought win and thank you to everyone for participating!

Build Highlights

While you’re downloading, here’s a look into all of the features available NOW in build 0.30.0.

XP, Level-Ups, and Skills

Progression is finally making its way into Midair. In 0.30.0 we’re introducing version 1 of our XP, leveling, and skill systems. Please note these are early-stage features that will likely have user experience issues, bugs, and are likely to change frequently before release. For additional reading on our goals and objectives with monetization and progression in Midair, read this blog post from a while back.

XP and Leveling Up

Each player will earn XP in the game and will level up as XP is accumulated. XP is earned by completing the tutorial missions, playing the game, and doing well. When in the game, you are currently rewarded for each minute played (with a minimum play time of 10 minutes), sticking around through the end of the match, and in bigger games, placing in the top 3 players in the server. To help you track how much XP you’ll earn in a given match, we’ve added a Match XP element to the score screen UI.

NOTE: In this early version, you will only be rewarded XP if you are in the server when the game ends. The amount of XP it takes to progress through each subsequent level increases each level gained with a max level of 50. To see your level and current XP vs how much is needed for the next level, we’ve added this information (and also your Steam profile pic) to a new UI widget at the bottom right of the menu. This information is also available in the Progression menu under your Profile.

What’s the quickest way to get your first couple of levels? Play through both tutorials!


Each time a player levels up they are rewarded a skill point. Skill points are used to unlock most of the gameplay features in the game such as Armors, Weapons, Items, Packs/Augments, Deployables, and Vehicles. These skills are laid out in a tree structure to visually show requirements and dependencies. We are planning to add additional gameplay elements to the tree that are not in this version. You may see some visual gaps in the tree structure due to these missing items.

We’ve added some features like lock icons that should help you visually identify in your loadouts whether or not something is unlocked. Additionally, clicking on the lock icon will automatically take you to that item in the skill tree for quick unlocking.

Your Loadout menu should also inform you when a loadout you’ve selected contains items that have not been unlocked yet. If you attempt to use a loadout with locked items, those items will either be missing (weapons, packs/augments, throwable items) or downgraded (armors).

Tools for Early Testing

In the Progression screen under your Profile, we’ve added some tools to help you test the progression system and quickly bypass progression if you so desire (you all have the Progression Pass after all!). Using Give 500 XP you can add roughly a single game’s XP. Give Level calculates and rewards the XP required between your current level and the next. Give Max Level gives you all of the XP through level 50. RESET will allow you to reset your XP, Level, and Skills progress. Note: Resetting requires a restart of the game, and confirming this action will automatically close the game.

Down with CTF-Dam, Long Live CTF-Reservoir!

The map CTF-Dam has been re-imagined, renamed, and given a full art pass to bring it to life in the Midair universe. We are itching to show off the results, so let’s take a look at the brand new CTF-Reservoir.

The central feature to the map is a giant dam that holds back water from streaming into the valley, creating a reservoir. Mana processing plants use the water to harness the resources this planet provides.

The base interiors have been built with almost entirely new art using our military themed assets giving a distinct feel both inside and out.

We’re excited to see you all experience CTF-Reservoir for the first time and discover some of the neat features and quirks built into the map.

CTF Changes

Last time we spoke, we had added a prototype game mode called Spawn CTF that spawned all players in their loadouts and added a spawn time penalty when generators were brought down. It’s clear after seeing the initial response and listening to feedback that two things stand out:

  1. New and casual players have a better and more intuitive experience playing Spawn CTF than CTF that requires visiting an inventory to get your loadout
  2. We need better ways to ensure the base is still an important and relevant factor in gameplay, which is what we committed to since development on Midair started

We’re moving forward with these two things in mind. This means we’re committing to spawning in loadout in Base CTF and will be enabling this as the default setting on all official servers as well as newly created servers. If you’d like to go back to the old style that requires inventory use, we’re keeping that option configurable for server admins. With that said, let’s look at the new changes to CTF in 0.30.0.

Loadouts, Spawn Timers, and You

When players can spawn in their loadout it introduces several design challenges. In particular, when observing Spawn CTF in action, it was apparent that there is little impact when taking down a player in a key role like defensive sniper or heavy offense.  In order to help balance situations like quick respawning of powerful classes, we’re adding equipment spawn penalties that increase the time it takes to spawn in your full loadout. Here’s the list of equipment and their corresponding spawn penalties.

  • Medium Armor: +0.5s
  • Heavy Armor: +1.0s
  • Rail Gun: +2.0s
  • Missile Launcher: +1.0s
  • Mortar: +1.0s
  • Stealth Augment – Invisibility: +1.0s

The penalties are cumulative, so adding multiple of these items will continue to increase your spawn time. For example, a Heavy Armor (+1.0s) with both the Missile Launcher (+1.0s) and Mortar (+1.0s) equipped will experience a total spawn penalty of +3.0 seconds on top of the base spawn timer. The base spawn timer is 5.0 seconds, so the total spawn time for a loadout with those items would be 8.0 seconds. These penalties do NOT apply when using inventory stations.

Generator Importance

In 0.30.0 we’re adding several new effects to downed generators in order to keep base defense and assault important. Here’s a list of all effects that apply when the generator is down:

  1. Base spawn penalty increased by +80% when generator is down (was 60% in 0.29.0)
  2. NEW: Equipment spawn penalty of +50% when generator is down
  3. NEW: Deployable turrets now fire 20% slower when the generator is down
  4. NEW: Deployable sensors now acquire targets more slowly when the generator is down

Using the Heavy Armor example from before, spawning in that loadout when the generator is down will result in a base spawn + gen down penalty (+80%) of 9 seconds, and an equipment penalty + gen down penalty (+50%) of 4.5 seconds, making a total of 13.5 seconds when the generator is down. This means that keeping your generator up saves 5.5 seconds of spawn time for someone with those loadout options.

We’ve added information to the Loadout screen that will help you identify loadout equipment penalties easily, and also see when it is affected by a downed generator. The equipment penalty information will turn red and increase appropriately when the generators are down.

Emergency Spawn

In order to keep decision-making alive and well in base, and give players a chance to make quick decisions and emergency plays, we’ve added the ability for players to Emergency Spawn in a basic loadout at a much shorter interval. In the spawn screen, a shorter timer that is NOT affected by the generator status will decrease separate from the full loadout respawn timer.

Pressing Right Mouse Button will allow a player to initiate emergency spawn after the timer has completed.


In addition to all of the above changes, we’ve removed the ability to deploy any deployable near the enemy base within a certain range (map-dependent). This should help make defending and retaking your base against a good offense a little easier, which should help prevent unbreakable base camping.

New Item: Concussion Grenade

The latest addition to the CTF arsenal is the concussion grenade. This grenade deals minimal damage but can knock out a player-held flag and knock the holder around. Its most effective use is stopping a capper from getting out clean or breaking a tough base defense when they are holding your flag.

New Main Menu and Loadout Backgrounds

We’ve added a brand new interactive background to the Main Menu and Loadout Screen. We changed the way we’re rendering this so the background is now be affected by your video settings and should be perform much better overall. Words won’t do it justice, so take a look for yourself:


Map Sounds Pass

We’ve started a sound pass on most maps which now have ambient sounds playing at minimum. Most maps with final or near-final art now have additional custom sounds as well. We’ll continue to update maps with sounds as we get closer to release to bring them to life and add polish to the final product. Take a listen!

0.30.0 Patch Notes


  • Version one of progression has been added: XP, Leveling, and Skills
  • A Progression menu has been added to the Profile menu with an unlockable skill tree and tools to help quickly test or reset progress
  • The loadout menu has been updated to help players quickly see and unlock unlockable equipment
  • Spawn-in-loadout is now the default mode for CTF
  • Deployables can no longer be placed close to the enemy base
  • Base spawn timer penalty increased to 80% from 60%
  • Using certain equipment in a CTF loadout now increases the time it takes to spawn, which increases by 50% when the generator is down (applies to the Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Rail Gun, Mortar, Missile Launcher, and Invisibility augment)
  • Deployable turrets have reduced rate of fire when their generator is down
  • Deployable sensors have reduced detection speed when their generator is down
  • Emergency Spawn option added so players can spawn more quickly in a basic/”naked” loadout
  • Added the Concussion Grenade which knocks away player-held flags
  • Interactive Main Menu/Loadout screen background added
  • You must now press “Equip” to add weapons and throwables to your loadout, bringing them in line with the Augments interface, also setting up the UI to be ready for custom aesthetics
  • Because we’ve added a step to equip weapons, you can now double click to equip weapons and throwables in the loadout menu
  • Ammo Nugget pickup radius increased to make it easier to grab in the heat of the moment
  • Slightly reduced out-of-bounds grid opacity so it’s easier to see where you want to go or where you’re landing while near the grid
  • Repair gun now does damage to non-friendlies because why not
  • Updated descriptions of all armors, weapons, throwables, packs, augments, armors, and vehicles for use in the Loadout and Progression menus
  • Added a “Special” field to all loadout equipment info to give more information including any spawn penalties
  • New console command: ShowPerformanceStats (1 for show, 0 for hide) that shows fps, ping, and server performance in the top left to help troubleshoot performance issues
  • Vehicle Flares now have random spread to make them seem more natural

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an animation issue caused by using a deployable inventory to change away from the Reload++ augment
  • The delay between firing the grenade launcher and immediately throwing a hand grenade has been brought in line with other weapons
  • The Blink augment is no longer able to take flags through flag forcefields
  • Removed delay between being able to pick up hp/ammo nuggets
  • The Missile Launcher will no longer lock onto friendly, unmanned vehicles
  • The Bomber now has a description in the buy vehicle menu
  • Auto voice chat messages for flag grabs etc are no longer sent to spectators
  • Reduced bald spots on Light Male character in low levels of detail
  • Fixed some end of match voting issues that resulted in switching to unexpected maps
  • Fixed broken lighting in tutorial missions
  • Fixed broken LOD settings and lighting issues on LCTF-Minora
  • Fixed spots where players could hide underneath level geometry on LCTF-Kryosis
  • Fixed Missile Launcher model slightly clipping through screen in walk animations
  • Wind and weapon switch sounds can now be heard in third person
  • Players are now evenly distributed between teams when joining at all player counts
  • Fixed “{Player1Name} has dropped the flag” message when the match moves out of warmup
  • Vehicle ability cooldown indicator now fills from left to right to match other reloads and cooldowns


  • CTF-Dam is now named CTF-Reservoir and has received a full art pass
  • LCTF-Outpost99 has received an art pass
  • CTF-Tenebris: The flagstand ship has been moved downwards
  • LCTF-Kryosis: Overhauled the midfield ice formations, spawn changes to improve flow
  • LCTF-Minora: Spawn changes, added BYO5 LCTF Tournament winners sign easter egg
  • LCTF-Exhumed: Out-of-bounds grid changes
  • AR/LCTF-Crashsite: Terrain and flagstand gameplay revisions
  • AR-Research: The level layout has been altered to be more open
  • AR-SnowArena: Ceiling has been moved upwards, blocking volumes have been added to stop players getting on top of the outer edges, standing on the middle rock will now cause you to slide off
  • AR-Autumnal is down for maintenance
  • LCTF-FrozenLines: Moved rear spawn points forward, added a front spawn
  • LCTF-Snowfall: Moved tower spawn points, moved some base interior spawn points outside
  • Added spectator camera locations on LCTF maps

Server Admins

  • The SpawnWithInventory setting in your CPanel will need to be set to True/Enabled if you want to stay current and match Official Server settings (It will not change on its own so if you already had it set to true or false and want it to remain the way you have it configured, no change is necessary on your part)
  • There are 2 configurable settings in your CPanel that were used for tweaking spawn timers in SpawnCTF (now CTF) which are no longer used. These will be removed from CPanel soon
  • Make sure you are keeping your MapList.ini up to date with map changes as maps are added, removed or renamed. For example, not changing CTF-Dam to CTF-Reservoir in your MapList.ini can result in server crashes. Likewise, not removing AR-Autumnal can have the same effect.

Official Server Configuration

  • All CTF servers are now configured to Spawn in Loadout by default
  • CTF and Arena servers will only allow CTF and Arena maps respectively
  • LCTF servers will default to LCTF maps but allow for Rabbit maps to be voted as well
  • General servers allow maps of all types
  • Removed all CTF and LCTF maps which have not received final art (Rented servers are still configured to allow prototype maps)
  • Shortened the end of match timer from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
  • All gametypes now have a warmup time of 20 seconds
  • Arena now has a pre-round timer of 6 seconds (was 10 seconds)
  • Regions are now configured to have the following priority server configuration:
    1. General
    2. CTF
    3. LCTF
    4. Arena
    5. General 2 / 3 / etc.
  • Max player count for General and CTF is set to 24 players
  • Max player count for LCTF is set to 18 players
  • Max player count for Arena is set to 14 players

Release Update

We have a timing update for the release of Midair. For the last several months we’ve been aiming for Q1 2018 which basically meant anywhere in the months January to March 2018. As we get closer to the middle of Q1, we’re adjusting our public release projection. As of this post, our new goal is a late-April 2018 release. This is a little later than Q1 but buys us enough time to get the remaining features and polish in on the game given our budget and resource constraints. We’re narrowing down our release window and as you can see from the last few patches, we’re definitely taking advantage of the remaining time to bring Midair as far as it can go by release.

We also want to talk about some timing on some specific roadmap items that have changed:

  • The Transport and Hover Bike will be postponed until post-release – this is due to ensuring we have enough time to iterate and add polish on core game systems more critical to supporting the 1.0 release, as well as lets us work on these features when we have an opportunity to fully rework the vehicle system which is necessary to providing a better vehicle experience across the board
  • Some of the Kickstarter features are likely to come in post-release such as a custom player-voted environment tileset for maps and the player-voted custom gametype – we’re absolutely committed to getting these done but they may come in a little later than release as we focus on improving our core gametypes and tilesets
  • Some of the Kickstarter rewards are likely to come in post-release such as the Kickstarter exclusive aesthetics – we don’t have a specific list for this yet but stay tuned as we get closer to release for more info

With all of that said, we’re still working on these things, they’re just going to come in later than we had hoped. In particular, the Kickstarter exclusives are going to look great. Here’s a peek at the concept for the Kickstarter exclusive armor set we’ve got lined up:

Midair in the Steam Winter Sale + A Special Gift


If you or a friend have been on the fence about getting Early Access, now is a great time to get in on the action! Midair is in the Steam Winter Sale with a 34%-off discount, bringing the price for both early access and the FREE Progression Pass to just $20 (normally $30). Check out the Midair Steam page to take advantage of this awesome deal before it’s too late!

Hey Early Access Open Beta Backers,

It’s Time You Joined Us.

Also, because this sale price is the same as what supporters with Early Access Open Beta paid during Kickstarter and on our website, we’re giving them access NOW even though we’re not technically in EA Open Beta yet! You heard right – if you’re waiting for Early Access Open Beta, check your emails as keys have already been fired off through the twisting, winding tubes of the internet.

Happy Holidays everyone, and we’ll see you in Midair!

Hotfix 0.29.1 Patch Notes

, ,

In the last patch we added a bunch of great new content but also introduced some issues due to the sweeping engine changes. We’ve spent some time fixing these issues and also snuck in many improvements including some Top User Issues for 0.29.1. This hotfix is LIVE as of this post.

Hotfix 0.29.1 Patch Notes


  • [Top User Issue] LCTF servers can now disable permanent flag IFFs when the flag is held, but it still has an IFF when flag is on stand or not being held (final implementation will also allow disabling of flag IFF in field)
  • Respawn prompt now shows time till respawn in all game modes
  • Rabbit now has a unique flag material
  • Star ratings now account for midairs specifically and non-midair hits are scaled based on how far away from the target they are
  • Added star ratings to Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun, and Air Fighter
  • Updated Frag and EMP Grenade icons
  • The energy cost for Blink has been reduced from 60 to 40 in an effort to make this pack less punishing when used
  • “Teams are balanced” messages should occur less frequently in scenarios where the teams being balanced is obvious
  • Updated warp out effects including changing the colors to team colors instead of enemy/friendly
  • Temporarily removed kills from leaderboard to improve service reliability
  • The Death icon is now an X and the Evacuate icon is now an O

Missile Launcher

  • Using your jetpack now generates 25% less heat for all armors
  • In addition, heat conversion wasn’t considering the increased rate of energy usage for Medium and Heavy armors, so we have further decreased heat generation for these armors to make managing heat actually manageable instead of always staying at max heat
  • Dropping missile locks has been made slightly easier for every armor by increasing the heat threshold to drop missile locks
  • Missiles are now shootable (but it’s difficult)


  • LCTF-Hypothermia is back due to popular request
  • Outpost99: After listening to player feedback we’ve adjusted the terrain back to how it was pre-0.29.0 but included some changes made to the midfield area
  • Tenebris: Fixed deployable and collision issues inside the base
  • CTF-Brynhildr: Added missing repair packs
  • LCTF-Brynhildr: Added missing flag forcefields
  • LCTF-Tenebris: Added missing door blockers
  • Crashsite: Fixed various issues, improved LOD issues, added missing OOB grid to LCTF version
  • RB-Tenebris: Updated spawn locations
  • RB-Outpost, RB-Brynhildr: Removed floating door meshes, updated spawn locations

Bug Fixes

  • [Top User Issue] Fixed impulse behavior in all situations and all weapons (front midair, rear midair, side midair, etc.) – if you see this happening still, please report it!
  • Can no longer get illegal loadouts in SpawnCTF
  • Fixed disappearing/invisible projectiles
  • Improved poor FPS performance on weapon switch and in general
  • Fixed an issue where SpawnCTF servers added extra spawn time when the server switched to LCTF
  • Arena: Players Alive counter at top of UI now works properly
  • Added last man standing UI notification sound removed old temp sounds and cues from missile launcher and last man standing
  • Fixed guns casting ghost shadows on themselves
  • Deployable range indicators now work on graphics settings lower than Ultra
  • Adjusted blaster fire offset so it doesn’t come out of the middle of the screen and instead shoots closer to where the gun is
  • Fixed Heavy Character missing death and evacuate icons