Last chance to get the Instant Access bundle!

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Instant Access Last Chance price drop to $99

Midair is steadily approaching Alpha release, so we’re dropping the price of the Instant Access bundle from $140 to $99 starting February 3rd.

Better hit the jets – this will be your last chance to purchase the Instant Access bundle (which includes 5 gold crates, a Progression Pass, your name in the credits, and a bunch of other goodies), because February 27th will be the last day this huge bundle is available for purchase! After that, in order to get pre-release access to Midair, you’ll have to purchase a different Supporter bundle – either Alpha Access, Closed Beta, or Open Beta/Steam Early Access – and then wait until that specific build of Midair is released. You can check out the entire release timeline and bundle / rewards breakdown here.

After the Instant Access bundle goes away, we’ll then spend a few weeks finalizing the Alpha build. Once it’s ready, we’ll invite all Supporters and Kickstarter backers who purchased Alpha Access bundles into the game.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of our supporters and backers – we’re excited to see you get frags, capture flags, and rack up tank kills with the rest of us!