Welcome to the Midair Closed Beta

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Welcome to the Midair Closed Beta!

The Midair Closed Beta is now LIVE on Steam Early Access!

Don’t have access? Play Midair TODAY!


Join the Community!

While you’re downloading the game, join the Official Midair Discord server and head to the forums to give feedback, meet other Midair players, and keep up to date on the latest Midair news.

Beginner-Friendly Servers

We’ve added new servers to help new players find a place to practice and get up to speed with the game. New to the game? Join up on servers labeled “Beginner Friendly” and feel free to ask for help! We’ll try to monitor these servers more closely in particular to make sure there’s a good experience maintained for all.

Are you a veteran Midair player? Feel free to join these servers and help out new players – this is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! Just make sure to consider their experience while playing and don’t get too competitive. Admins will be around to help remind you. 🙂

New Website

If you’re here, you’ve probably noticed we have a brand new website! Take a look around and please leave feedback in the forums.

A “Thank You” to the Midair Community

We wanted to send out a special thank you to our amazing community for supporting the game and our team up to this point. Every person on the dev team is appreciative of your time and effort playing and giving feedback up through this release (and hopefully beyond!). Your Discord messages, forum posts, and constant feedback is critical to the success of the game.

We would not have been able to do this without you, and you have made Midair better since we entered into Pre-Alpha over a year ago. The game has grown leaps and bounds, and as you’ve seen from the last several dev logs and patches, we’re able to do more and more as we get closer to release.

It’s a super exciting time for Midair and we’re fortunate to have such a passionate, committed community.

Now get out there and play some MIDAIR!

Midair Dev Log #5 – Supporter Dashboard, Build 0.23.0 Preview

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In this dev log, we’re announcing our all new Supporter Dashboard with lots of widely requested information about Midair’s development, and we’re also giving you a preview into what’s coming in build 0.23.0. Let’s get to it.

Supporter Dashboard

One of the most common points of feedback we’ve received from you, the community, is you want to see more details about what our plans are. We started that path by creating Dev Logs, which began a regular cadence of communication from the dev team on what we’ve accomplished, our immediate priorities, and other general news. The Dev Logs have been well received, and in general have improved in quality since we started them. However, there’s been a lot of interest in seeing a timeline and also understanding where issues submitted by the community stand in development.

This last week, we’ve worked to setup what we’re calling the Supporter Dashboard. The Supporter Dashboard will be the place everyone who has supported Midair can go to in order to find the latest information on the state of development in one consolidated place. Let’s take a look at what you’ll find.

Latest Dev Logs

This one is pretty straightforward. We’re putting the latest 3 Dev Logs on rotation so you can read the details about what we’ve released and where our latest efforts are headed.

Midair Top User Issues Board

The Midair team has setup a Top User Issues Trello board in order to communicate our priorities and gather feedback on top user issues submitted by the community. The board will help you keep tabs on development, so use the boards features to let us know what you think and vote for what’s most important to you. Make sure to check out the “How to Read and Use This Board” card first!

Development Roadmap

This is one of your most requested asks of the Midair dev team. We’ve been reluctant to push out a timeline because of how frequently it changes based on resources, your feedback, and prioritization. However, we’re getting to a point where we’re feeling more confident about our trajectory and want to share with you an overview of our efforts. What we’ve put together represents many of the priorities we’re working on and the milestones we’re planning to get them done by. With this said, please recognize the following realities associated with this roadmap:

  1. The roadmap will evolve and change over time
  2. It does not represent the entire extent of our development efforts – we’ve purposefully left off items that are fluid (and therefore always going to move around), risky, or relatively minor
  3. The closer we get to milestones the more specific the roadmap will be
  4. There are no guarantees to anything in the roadmap – just because an item is listed in a particular milestone doesn’t mean it will be completed by the end of that milestone
  5. Your feedback has affected, and will continue to affect, the roadmap!

Supporter FAQs

We receive a lot of the same questions from supporters, so we’re including answers to them in the dashboard.

Community Resources

Now we’ve got a central place to find all of our community resources. Make sure you’ve liked/subscribed/followed/joined everything on that list!

Supporter Access Timeline

One of the most common questions we get is when supporters and backers will get access to Midair. We’ve included the timeline here and will keep it updated as development progresses.

We’re super excited to release this dashboard, and in particular we hope the Top User Issues board and the Development Roadmap will keep you in the know as we edge ever closer to release. Have any ideas on what else you’d like to see? Post in the forum or start a conversation in Discord!

Build 0.23.0 Preview

In build 0.23.0, we’re upgrading our engine, taking a stab at some commonly requested bugs and issues, and adding several new features. Here’s a peek into some of what’s coming up.

Engine Upgrade

We’re in the midst of an upgrade to Unreal Engine’s latest 4.14 release. We’re currently on 4.12, so the upgrade to 4.14 will also include features from 4.13. Want more info? Check out their blog posts here and here.

Sensor System

We’re stripping out the old sensor system and adding in what we’ve planned on all along. Of course we’ll be tweaking and balancing through release, but this will give us all the right knobs and levers to make the sensor system more robust and feature-full.

Voice Binds

We’re working on version 1 of our voice bind system – another highly requested feature from our community. For those unfamiliar with the genre, voice binds will let players hit a series of keys in order to communicate key information in the chat window, while also using the character’s voice to relay the same message. This feature is super critical to communication when you’re not on voice comms and is also pretty fun to play with!

Vehicle Pad Improvements

We’re improving the vehicle pads to make them more functional. This is important as we add more vehicles to the game. Currently we spawn vehicles automatically, alternating between the fighter and the tank. That’s no good, so we’re improving it.

There’s a lot more coming next build, so stay tuned to the blog to make sure you’re always up to speed. Comments? Questions? Feedback? Praise? Post in the forums or on Discord!

New Midair Community Forums


Hello Midair Community!

We’re happy to announce the launch of the official community forums now available at forums.playmidair.com.  This will be the best way to discuss Midair, get in touch with players, and discuss Midair. For now we’ve setup a General Discussion forum for all game-related discussion and an Off Topic forum for everything else.

Moderation and Guidelines

Be sure to check out the guidelines here before jumping in and posting. We’re not going to be too heavy-handed with moderation but we will keep things on-topic where they need to be and fairly clean.

Have any suggestions on how we can improve the forums?  Let us know in the forum feedback and suggestion thread!