Dev Log #22 – Hotfix 1.0.1 Patch Notes and Looking Ahead

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Greetings Proxies!

This is our first Dev Log since release and we wanted to give you a look ahead at what we’re going to be working on and drop the latest hotfix patch notes for your consideration.

Release and Looking Ahead

A week after release we’ve been excited to see so many people loving the gameplay in Midair. We’ve also seen a lot of players running into consistent UX issues and painful bugs that need to be addressed. On day 1 we had issues with server stability and unlock issues. We issued an immediate hotfix and were able to remedy the server crashing in particular. This hotfix did not, however, fix all of the issues with the unlock system – we’ll chat about that in a minute. After the stability issues were nailed down, we were able to better gather feedback and listen to both the praises and criticism regarding our user experience and Midair’s gameplay. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on in the immediate future based on your feedback:

  1. User Interface Improvements – You’ve told us that the interface for interacting with the game is not good enough. You’ve been heard. We’re on it. In particular we’ll be focusing on the loadouts screen which is causing a lot of pain for users. Our aim will be to simplify the interface and make more obvious what gametype restrictions are and how they impact your loadout. We’ll start with some quicker improvements and work our way to a larger redesign in the future.
  2. The Tutorial Isn’t Doing Enough – We’ve seen players struggling with the tutorial. Particularly, we’ve seen areas where our instructions can even be counter-intuitive to the best and easiest way to play. We’ll be working on communicating the information players need to be successful in better ways that make more sense to new players.
  3. The Movement Needs Work – While we’ve spent a good amount of time making the core of the physics feel good, for many new players in particular it’s very difficult to get up and running fast. Veterans of jetpack shooters tend to be the quickest to adapt to the new movement in Midair, but we can all agree that we need plenty of new players having fun early on to keep Midair healthy. In addition, there are some issues with the movement at the high-end of gameplay where players are able to go a little too far with some of their routes that take advantage of some of the imperfections in the movement system. We’ll be taking a look at these as well.
  4. We Need More Options to Moderate Players and Servers – There are admins patrolling the servers who are also available on Discord, but it’s not enough to stop griefing and hacking all the time. We’ll soon be giving you the tools to deal with troublesome players including muting particularly talkative ones. We’re also examining solutions to start combating hackers as well.

We’ll be getting to work on these quickly, so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s jump into the Hotfix Highlights.

Hotfix Highlights

Here are some of the improvements and fixes we’re making in the 1.0.1 hotfix.

Unlock/Skill Points Bug Fix

Players have been running into issues with our unlock system not awarding unlocks they’ve chosen while also removing their skill points. The good news for these players is your progression is not lost and we believe we’ve solved the issues underlying the problem. You should be able to jump in and unlock everything you need with all of your skill points immediately as soon as the hotfix is live.

Vote Kick and Ban

We’ve added the ability for you to vote kick players who are griefing, have questionable names, or are hacking. Improvements will be coming to the Vote Kick feature but for now, you can vote kick players by heading to the Player List menu.

Escape the Escape Menu

We fixed a particularly annoying bug that caused the Escape menu to stack on top of itself instead of closing when ESC was pressed after opening the menu. This will just close the dialog now.

Deployables and Vehicles on Flags

Deployables and vehicles can no longer be placed or parked directly on flags. Deployables should simply not deploy and vehicles will start taking damage.

Toggle Skate

Toggle Skate is now available in the Controls menu under “Main” to make what was a hidden configuration file setting more accessible by players who don’t poke around in that stuff.

Quick Tutorials Update

We saw players running into issues with tutorials so we’re going to test opening up the level requirements associated with them. This means anyone can skip the tutorial if they’d like and jump straight into a server. For now this will fast-track anyone to level 3 if they join a server directly after launching the game as a new player.

Alt-Tab Hang

We think we fixed the issue players were having with alt-tabbing hanging their game. Please let us know if you still encounter this!

Thank you to Katabatic for helping us track down a fix for this issue.

1.0.1 Hotfix Patch Notes

Note: These also include some line items from the day 1 hotfix.


  • Increased temporary ban timer on Official servers to 48 hours
  • Improved server stability and performance
  • Added vote kick/ban
  • Deployables can no longer be deployed on flags and Vehicles take massive damage when near flagstands
  • Toggle skate is now accessible on the main section of the Controls menu
  • Updated instructions to the movement tutorial that teaches players about horizontal jets by jetting around a wall
  • Removed the level 3 requirement for playing multiplayer (for now, players will be fast-tracked to level 3 if they join a server)

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced game volume by 50% when unfocused as a potential fix for the alt+tab hang
  • Fixed some serious unlock issues that resulted in players not being able to unlock anything while still spending skill points (no progression was lost)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Escape Menu to stack on top of itself instead of closing when Escape was pressed after opening the menu
  • Fixed holes in the terrain near the base on Iratus
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the sprays menu to show no scrollbar
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the red notification icon to show over the Customization tab