Hotfix 0.29.1 Patch Notes

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In the last patch we added a bunch of great new content but also introduced some issues due to the sweeping engine changes. We’ve spent some time fixing these issues and also snuck in many improvements including some Top User Issues for 0.29.1. This hotfix is LIVE as of this post.

Hotfix 0.29.1 Patch Notes


  • [Top User Issue] LCTF servers can now disable permanent flag IFFs when the flag is held, but it still has an IFF when flag is on stand or not being held (final implementation will also allow disabling of flag IFF in field)
  • Respawn prompt now shows time till respawn in all game modes
  • Rabbit now has a unique flag material
  • Star ratings now account for midairs specifically and non-midair hits are scaled based on how far away from the target they are
  • Added star ratings to Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun, and Air Fighter
  • Updated Frag and EMP Grenade icons
  • The energy cost for Blink has been reduced from 60 to 40 in an effort to make this pack less punishing when used
  • “Teams are balanced” messages should occur less frequently in scenarios where the teams being balanced is obvious
  • Updated warp out effects including changing the colors to team colors instead of enemy/friendly
  • Temporarily removed kills from leaderboard to improve service reliability
  • The Death icon is now an X and the Evacuate icon is now an O

Missile Launcher

  • Using your jetpack now generates 25% less heat for all armors
  • In addition, heat conversion wasn’t considering the increased rate of energy usage for Medium and Heavy armors, so we have further decreased heat generation for these armors to make managing heat actually manageable instead of always staying at max heat
  • Dropping missile locks has been made slightly easier for every armor by increasing the heat threshold to drop missile locks
  • Missiles are now shootable (but it’s difficult)


  • LCTF-Hypothermia is back due to popular request
  • Outpost99: After listening to player feedback we’ve adjusted the terrain back to how it was pre-0.29.0 but included some changes made to the midfield area
  • Tenebris: Fixed deployable and collision issues inside the base
  • CTF-Brynhildr: Added missing repair packs
  • LCTF-Brynhildr: Added missing flag forcefields
  • LCTF-Tenebris: Added missing door blockers
  • Crashsite: Fixed various issues, improved LOD issues, added missing OOB grid to LCTF version
  • RB-Tenebris: Updated spawn locations
  • RB-Outpost, RB-Brynhildr: Removed floating door meshes, updated spawn locations

Bug Fixes

  • [Top User Issue] Fixed impulse behavior in all situations and all weapons (front midair, rear midair, side midair, etc.) – if you see this happening still, please report it!
  • Can no longer get illegal loadouts in SpawnCTF
  • Fixed disappearing/invisible projectiles
  • Improved poor FPS performance on weapon switch and in general
  • Fixed an issue where SpawnCTF servers added extra spawn time when the server switched to LCTF
  • Arena: Players Alive counter at top of UI now works properly
  • Added last man standing UI notification sound removed old temp sounds and cues from missile launcher and last man standing
  • Fixed guns casting ghost shadows on themselves
  • Deployable range indicators now work on graphics settings lower than Ultra
  • Adjusted blaster fire offset so it doesn’t come out of the middle of the screen and instead shoots closer to where the gun is
  • Fixed Heavy Character missing death and evacuate icons