Welcome to Midair Dev Log #7. We’ve got some exciting stuff to talk about and announce today!

Alpha Release Date

We’re excited to announce that we’re on track for a March Alpha release! After confirming with the team that we are good-to-go, we will release our Alpha 0.24.0 build and send out keys to our Alpha backers/supporters next weekend. Save the date because the Midair Alpha drops on:

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

And that’s not the only thing happening on Sunday…

The State of Midair


On Sunday, March 26th at 1:00pm PT we’ll be streaming the State of Midair for the Alpha launch. We’re going to take a look back at the last 9 months, walk through some of the new features coming out in Alpha build 0.24.0, have some contests where you and your friends can win keys to play in the Alpha, a special announcement, and much more. We’re going to turn on the build and send out the keys live on stream, so tune in to what should be a fun and exciting time in Midair’s history!

Want to play Sunday? Head over to the store to support Midair and get access to the Alpha.

Alpha 0.24.0 Build Preview

We’ve got a couple features we want to mention are coming in the Alpha 0.24.0 build.


A popular favorite from previous games in the genre, the Arena gametype is going to make its appearance just in time for Alpha. Arena features smaller, close-quarters team battles where the objective is to wipe out the enemy team. Each player has only one life, so each mistake can be costly. With Base CTF, LCTF, Rabbit, and Arena ready to go, we’ve got a solid lineup for players joining us for Alpha.

Engineer Pack Update

We’re updating the Engineer pack with a series of planned improvements. The upcoming changes will make the Engineer role more interesting, keep players who deploy assets in the action while also encouraging the quick expansion and defense of bases.

Kryosis Art Overhaul

We put some TLC into the Kryosis visuals and it’s really looking great. Here’s a quick teaser:

Kryosis Art Teaser_sm

That’s all for now. We’ll see you next week for the State of Midair Alpha stream!