Midair Free-to-Play Release Date: May 3rd


Greetings Proxies!

Today we are happy to announce the official Midair Free-to-Play release date:

Thursday, May 3rd

Midair has come a long way from its Kickstarter campaign, and in two weeks we’ll be releasing it to the world as a free-to-play title! We’re hard at work adding as many features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes as we can to get the game to its v1.0 state. You’ll likely see a couple builds between now and then with the first including many of the major features we need for release, and a second focusing primarily on bug fixing.

We need your help!

This is a big moment for Midair and you all as well. You’re here now because you’ve supported us in the ways that you can and it’s been a big help. This is the time where we need a big push from all of you to get as many players as you can in and playing for release. We’ll be pushing hard as well to get the word out and we’re also working on ways to reward you for your help, so keep an eye on the blog for more details.

Upcoming Build Teaser

It’s been a while since our last dev log, so before we sign off, here’s a quick teaser of something neat coming in the next build: Jet Trails!

There are plenty more updates to show, but we’ll leave that information for the coming dev log!