Midair in the Steam Winter Sale + A Special Gift


If you or a friend have been on the fence about getting Early Access, now is a great time to get in on the action! Midair is in the Steam Winter Sale with a 34%-off discount, bringing the price for both early access and the FREE Progression Pass to just $20 (normally $30). Check out the Midair Steam page to take advantage of this awesome deal before it’s too late!

Hey Early Access Open Beta Backers,

It’s Time You Joined Us.

Also, because this sale price is the same as what supporters with Early Access Open Beta paid during Kickstarter and on our website, we’re giving them access NOW even though we’re not technically in EA Open Beta yet! You heard right – if you’re waiting for Early Access Open Beta, check your emails as keys have already been fired off through the twisting, winding tubes of the internet.

Happy Holidays everyone, and we’ll see you in Midair!