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Midair is a fast-paced jetpack shooter set in a breathtaking new sci-fi universe. Use movement and physics to your advantage, outwit your enemy from every angle, build bleeding-edge defenses, and fully customize the way you play. With up to 16v16 large-scale infantry and vehicle combat, you’ll never look at a shooter the same way again. Thanks to our in-depth personalization and customization, every player will have the opportunity to participate and play their way to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.


Midair is the first outing from Archetype Studios, founded in 2014. We formed with the vision of creating a new game in the genre that will be supported and designed by people that have years of experience playing, designing and supporting numerous FPS-Z games including Tribes: Ascend and Legions: Overdrive.


  • June 2014 – A small team founds Archetype Studios and starts development of Midair.
  • December 2015 – Midair submitted to Steam Greenlight and approved by the Steam community within 6 days!
  • June 2016 – Midair successfully kickstarted, raising over $125,000!
  • September 2017 – Midair at PAX West Indie Megabooth.
  • May 3, 2018 – Midair Launches Free-to-Play on Steam!

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Successfully Raised Over $125,000 from 1,300+ Backers

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About Midair


Movement in Midair is an art. It’s a flow. It’s a learned, practiced skill that when you know it… you just feel it. Using your jetpack and frictionless boots, launch high-speed airborne assaults, expertly dodge enemy fire, and soar from hilltop to hilltop. Free yourself from the ground or become a quick frag for your opponent.

The jetpack draws from your armor’s energy pool, so strategically manage your use of the jetpack and energy-based weapons to ensure your battle advantage. Depending on the situation, adjust your jetpack from pushing you upward to giving more maneuvering power. Veteran players know how to manage their jets and energy by instinct.


In Midair, it’s critical that you coordinate your assaults for maximum effect. Take down the enemy’s automated defenses one by one or sneak past the guards and destroy the generator to cripple their base and expose their flag for a quick grab.

But remember, you’ll need to keep your flag home too. They enemy will start their onslaught by using bombers and tanks to bombard your fortifications and break your ranks. Heavily armored attackers with explosive weaponry will follow, trying to deal critical blows to your infrastructure. After that, elite light-armored enemies who have spent hours studying the terrain and perfecting their movement will race in, grab your flag, and get out FAST.

Repel the attack by keeping your base’s main defenses operational, deploying forward sensors to track their movements, strategically place turrets deal out some extra damage, and get some fighters in the sky to maintain air superiority. With the right team and friends you can depend on, this will be a breeze.


One thing’s for sure – when the situation changes, so should your strategy. Midair features complete customization and no preset classes. Pick your armor based on how fast you need to go and how much damage you need to take. Choose weapons to suit your play style. Packs gives you special abilities that can swing the fight in your favor during that critical moment, or help you deploy mobile defenses where it’s needed the most.

Your team composition matters. Before running into the fight, make sure your squad is prepared with the right firepower, support, and intelligence to do the job.


  1. What platform is Midair available on?
    • Midair is exclusively a PC title and distributed through Steam.
  2. What’s the story behind Archetype Studios forming?
    • The Archetype Studios team was born out of the community team who made Legions: Overdrive. Starting from humble beginnings, the team is now comprised of about 6 core team members and 10 part-time volunteer contributors from around the globe. The team hails from the United States, Canada, Latvia, Australia, Finland, Australia, and the UK. Most contributors who join the team reach out to us because they’re passionate about the genre and want to help make a game they want to play. It’s great to see that so many people who are excited about Midair’s vision are willing to put the time in. It just goes to show that the kind of people who play games like Midair are a special breed both in and out of the game.
  3. What makes Midair different from other popular shooters?
    • Midair is made by a team of longtime shooter fans with tons of experience playing and developing games in the genre. We’ve built the game from the ground up with the fast-paced jetpack shooter in mind with custom designed physics, netcode, and art to make Midair a unique experience that offers something different for every play style. We are returning to some of the genre’s roots and offering more in-depth team-based gameplay with destroyable generators, base assets, sensor networks, vehicles, and deployables for true large-scale strategic combat. Midair also offers a “light” option for players who want fast-paced player vs player combat and straight CTF action. We know fans are hungry for a new jetpack shooter and Midair is the perfect game to fill that need!
  4. What is the Manaborn Game Pass?
    • The Manaborn Game Pass is a one-time purchase that lets players who want to bypass our gameplay progression essentially “buy the game.” This unlocks all armors, weapons, items, packs, augments, and vehicles including any unreleased gameplay content FOREVER. There’s plenty to do and unlock in Midair whether you’ve bought the pass or not. Players are more than welcome to play at their own pace for free or support the game by purchasing the Game Pass.
  5. Does Midair have Loot Crates?
    • We do have Chests that give cosmetic unlocks to players who earn them through gameplay. These chests cannot be purchased, however, so if you like a particular skin, jet trail, or voice pack, head to the Item Store and go buy it without all the random chance involved.

Have more questions? Check out PlayMidair.com or send us an Email and we’ll be happy to answer them for you! Interested in grabbing a copy? You can do so here!

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Chris Mathews
CEO, Project Lead

Michael Pearson
Programming Lead

Santeri Soininen
Art Lead

Benjie Freund
Audio Lead

Jonah Freeman
Release Manager

Devlin Willis

Simon Meistininkas

Allen Kuceba

Jordan Dodds
Community Manager

Justin O’Brien
Concept Artist

Alston Cabral
Musical Content

Jonathan Cianni
QA Manager

Tim Meyer
QA Manager

Richard Goodman
3D Animator
Example Video

Junghyun Shin
Service Engineer

Steffane Creighton
Web Design

Jon Beesen
Community Outreach

Coffield King
Concept Artist, Art Generalist

David Rispoli
Level Designer

Paul Jouard

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